• Arthritis can cause a lot of pain especially in the joints
  • It is important to know the foods that can help ease this pain
  • One certain type of fish can greatly help to alleviate arthritis pain

Arthritis is a common problem nowadays. The busy lifestyle that many leads today has somehow contributed to the frequent intake of foods that are not so friendly towards patients with arthritis. There are foods, however, that could alleviate joint pain. Eating these arthritis-friendly foods can certainly help in easing pain.

Foods With Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Eating foods that fight inflammation is one key to fight arthritis joint pain. This is because arthritis refers to the swelling that occurs in the joints. Pain and stiffness are among the most common symptoms, and it often gets worse with age. By indulging in foods with anti-inflammatory properties, you will be able to help yourself fight the pain.

fish and joint pain
fish and joint pain PICNICFotografie - Pixabay

Start Eating Fish

One of the best foods that you can partake that will help you fight inflammation is fish, particularly fatty fish. Some of these fish include mackerel, salmon, trout, and sardines. These fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and are said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

According to Express, a small study of 33 participants was conducted. The participants were given either fatty fish, lean meat, and lean fish, around four times every week. It was found that after about eight weeks, the group that ate fatty fish showed decreased levels of “inflammatory” compounds.

There have also been studies which showed that those who take omega-3 fatty acids decreased the intensity of the pain in their joints. They also found that morning stiffness and pain intensity were reduced. As per the American Heart Association, eating at least two servings of fish each week can greatly contribute to fighting inflammation.

More Ways To Fight Pain

The health site, NHS, also recommends that those with arthritis must lose weight. When one is overweight, he causes undue pressure on the joints. There is so much weight on the knees, feet, ankles, and hips. With this, much pain and mobility problems could result.

Exercise is another highly recommended way to fight arthritis pain. You need to have the willpower and the determination to exercise and fight joint pain. Remember that through exercise, you will be able to strengthen your joints. Doing all these will help you fight arthritis pain.