Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Actress Demi Moore (L) and her husband actor Ashton Kutcher (R) attend a news conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, November 4, 2010. Kutcher and Moore are kicking off the launch of the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons. REUTERS

Those eagerly awaiting an official announcement from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher about a rumored separation should not hold their breath, say sources close to the couple. It appears that Moore and Kutcher are planning to try and repair their marriage away from the spotlight.

IBTimes spoke with Nik Richie, the man behind who first broke the story about Kutcher's alleged affair with Sara Leal. While Richie says he is 100 percent sure the reports of the fling are accurate, his sources are telling him that Kutcher and Moore are committed to weathering the storm.

From everything I'm hearing, they're going to try and work it out, he told IBTimes. Without directly naming his sources, he said they are primarily business associates of the couple.

When asked if his sources believed the couple would just be staying together for the cameras, Richie said his impression was the the couple's interest in keeping their marriage together was genuine.

I think there is still animosity, Richie added. Ashton cheated on her, it's still a big deal...I think the communication is not really there between them, he said, referring in part to their relative silence on Twitter.

Richie believes that Demi Moore first heard about the alleged affair on Saturday, after broke the story -- not before. After all, she was in New York City this past weekend, so even if Ashton was planning on coming clean, it would likely not have been until the two were on the same coast again.

Richie explained that the mission of was not to expose the drama of current celebrities, but to launch the careers of would-be reality stars who seek fame by hooking up with established celebrities. We're reality Internet, he said. We do what reality TV does, but for the Internet.

It seems that Leal was more than happy to share the juicy details of her encounter until she saw what a huge story it became and began to worry about legal ramifications. When it first happened she wasn't close-lipped about it, Richie said, explaining that Ashton was a trophy for Leal, who he described as a bottle rat.

For those just tuning in, a bottle rat is a female of presumably limited means who habitually goes to clubs and circles VIP tables where wealthy men have ordered bottle service, with the goal of drinking for free for the night. Apparently they are a common breed in Southern California, and are all eager for their ten seconds of fame.

The bottle rats move to California to become a model or to be famous, Richie said. This explains why Leal's fellow bottle rats have been eager to share details of their so-called friend's fling with Kutcher.

In any event, it looks like Moore and Kutcher might just wait for the whole thing to blow over, but there's no telling when eager fans will lose interest in dissecting their every tweet.