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Investments are a great way to make your money work for you, but it can all get confusing so easily. pixabay (CC0)

Over the years, many companies and individuals have benefited from the stock market, making it a very profitable means to grow one's wealth.

While some hesitate due to its volatility, its benefits remain very appealing, which is why investing in the stock market is a popular way of making your money work for you. Instead of spending on pricey lattes, you can make use of your hard-earned money to invest in an index fund.

However, investing in stocks can be tricky for beginners and it’s not advisable to just invest your money without learning the ins and outs or using an investment app. Significantly cheaper than paying professionals for financial advice and generally simple to use, investment apps are for new investors. One of the many apps that offer this service is Atom Finance.

Built by investors, for investors

New to investing? Atom Finance might just be the investment platform for you.

Atom Finance is a Brooklyn-based investment app that provides insight and real-time market updates to help you make better financial decisions.

Made by a Brooklyn-based fintech company whose core business is investing and investment research, Atom Finance is a fast-growing investment platform that helps its users -- beginner or not, to make informed decisions. The platform does this by providing helpful resources, institutional-quality tools and real-time tracking of U.S. stocks, with share counts and non-U.S. stocks updated daily.

But is it worth it? Here's a look at what it offers.


Right now, Atom Finance offers a premium account, which, after a 7-day trial period is priced at $6.99. For the most part, the free version is already a great option for beginners as it offers real-time updates, a stock screener, daily market briefings, breaking institutional news, comprehensive holding data, hubs as well as a chat feature with fellow investors.

Right now, Atom Finance offers two plans, the basic (free) and premium, which is only $9.99 per month.

If you’re a bit more experienced, then the paid version is worth it. You get price change explanations, analyst forecasts, unlimited investor and ETF/mutual fund holdings data, premium non-GAAP metrics, X-ray document search and alert, equity research highlights and a sandbox to create financial models that refresh automatically.

News Feed

As with any investment platform, Atom Finance will provide you with a news feed based on the number of stocks or market sectors that you follow on the platform.

Additionally, the news feed also has the X-ray feature, which lets you search for company mentions across SEC filings, news articles and even earnings call transcripts. For a free tool, it’s quite useful, especially if you want to learn about a company before investing.

You can also use the screener feature to customize your criteria for screening dozens of metrics and see live results show up in real time. This way, you can keep up with market trends.

Mobile app

As with any modern tool, Atom Finance has an excellent app that works well with just about any device, making it incredibly handy when you're on the go. It functions like the web version, keeping you updated with real-time news, company market data, trading opportunities and so much more.

Atom Finance's mobile provides you with all of the features of the web version while making it portable.

Portfolio tracking

Invested in more than one stock? Then this tool will help you keep track of all that on the Atom Finance platform. Using one simple and efficient dashboard, you can easily monitor all your investment information, which includes profits, losses, trades, active positions, etc. The feature also allows you to track your portfolio’s performance against the actual S&P 500 market index.

You can also compare your own performance against major indices and tracking your investments is as easy as connecting a brokerage account in order to start. That said, the tool is very beneficial for long-term investors.

Here are some other features that Atom Finance provides.

Company comparison

Information is key in investing and knowing the ins and outs of a company is only half the battle. As such, Atom Finance lets you directly compare two or more companies.

The results are displayed through a table rather than a traditional graph. You can look at a number of metrics like price-to-earnings ratio, EBITDA and even revenue growth. Overall, it’s a simple and convenient tool.


Perhaps the most unique feature of Atom Finance is its financial models, which it classifies under a tab labeled “sandbox.” Through the sandbox feature, you basically have the option to customize dozens of assumptions that analysts use when calculating a stock target price. For example, you can choose to modify the share price, the number of outstanding shares, total revenue and even debt that you think a company will gain in the future. You can then model a fair stock price value from there.

Atom Finance's UI is simple, efficient and intuitive.

If you want to go deeper, Atom Finance will also let you edit detailed fundamentals, and any model you make can be saved and edited in the future when new data comes in. Best of all, the feature lets you manipulate data without worrying about formulas.


Since Atom Finance isn’t a brokerage service that takes custody of your investment funds, there’s no risk of loss due to failure.

As for security, the tool uses a trusted third-party service called Plaid to keep your data safe. Atom Finance emphasizes on how serious it is about data protection. Customer service, while available only by email, is also efficient and responsive, while the app’s actual website is already generous with the information it provides.


Atom Finance does a little bit of everything, making it very useful for investors of all types and levels.

The premium plan is best for active traders as the institutional-grade tools and resources you get for merely $10 per month are useful and exclusive to investment insiders. It’s also great for fundamental investors who want to take advantage of its custom-modeling features.

You get financial modeling, real-time news, stock alerts and even brokerage integration to multiple brokerages like Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, Fidelity and more -- all for free. Plus, with a total funding of 12.6 million dollars, it’s guaranteed to not go away anytime soon.

Determined to provide access to high-quality investment information for beginners, experienced and everyday investors, Atom Finance is highly recommended. Click here to learn more about this excellent investment app.