• The Beast Titan and the Founding Titan hold the key
  • "Attack on Titan" Final Season Part 2, Episode 78 is coming out this Sunday
  • The episode will be streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation

The arrival of Zeke in his Beast Titan form proves to be a big boost to Eren Jaeger who has been battling against the Armored Titan, Cart Titan, and the Marleyan military.

The official website has released a synopsis of "Attack on Titan" Final Season Part 2, Episode 78. The Beast Titan and Eren’s Founder Titan are in a commanding position in the ongoing battle.

Meanwhile, Falco has revealed to Colt and Gabi that he consumed the spinal fluid. Moreover, he has also confessed his love for Gabi.

Colt rushes with Gabi and Falco to Zeke who has been hit by Magath’s Anti-Titan Round. Due to the spinal fluid, if Zeke screams, Gabi will turn into a Titan. Colt and the others are hoping Zeke will not scream.

“The two Titans, the Beast Titan, and the Founder Titan hold the key to the situation, and the struggle between the people spreads. What lies ahead for the brothers as their thoughts and memories intersect?” read the official synopsis of Episode 78, translated by Twitter user Attack on Fans.

‘Attack On Titan’ Final Season Part 2, Episode 78 is directed by Teruyuki Omine and the script is by Hiroshi Seko. Daisuke Niinume and Nishichi Yamaguchi are the chief animation directors. Hiroki Komatsu, Aikari Minagawa, and Satoshi Iwataki are animation directors of the upcoming episode.

The cast of "Attack on Titan," which is also called "Shingeki no Kyojin," includes Yuuki Kaji as Eren Jaeger, Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackermann, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Braun, Takehito Koyasu as Zeke, Marina Inoue as Armin Arlelt, Eiji Hanawa as Niccolo, Ayane Sakura as Gabi Braun, Hiro Shimono as Conny Springer, Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi, Jiro Saito as Theo Magath, Kazuhiko Inoue as Willy Tybur, Yūmi Kawashima as Zofia, Yu Kobayashi as Sasha Blouse, Romi Park as Hange Zoe, Natsuki Hanae as Falco Grice, Kouji Hiwatari as Onyankopon, Masahiko Tanaka as Dot Pyxis, Toshiki Masuda as Porco Galliard and Shiori Mikami as Historia Reiss.

The opening theme is titled "The Rumbling" and is performed by SiM. The closing theme song, "Akuma no Ko," is performed by Ai Higuchi.

"Attack on Titan" Final Season Part 2, Episode 78 is scheduled to air this Sunday. The episode will stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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