• Eren Jaeger is ready to execute his plan
  • Armin and Mikasa are in prison
  • "Attack on Titan" Season 4, Episode 16 finale is airing Sunday

The finale is almost here and things are going back from where it all began in "Attack on Titan" Season 4, Episode 16. The new episode is called "Heaven and Earth."

The official preview trailer for "Attack on Titan" Season 4 and series finale is out hinting at the last clash at Shiganshina district. The penultimate episode ends with a cliffhanger after Zeke Jaeger blows himself up and Levi's fate remains unknown.

The visuals from the trailer show Armin, Mikasa and the others in prison after the Jaegerists take them to a secret location.

"The future they seek does not converge. They have no choice but to hold onto their feelings and clash. Now, it's time to clash once again, at the place where it all started," the "Attack on Titan" Season 4 finale summary read, as _Dominating tweeted.

Episode 15 of "Attack on Titan" Season 4 revolves around Zeke Jaeger's origin story and how he became the Beast Titan.

Levi Ackermann has captured Zeke again after the latter's attempt to transform and attack him. The episode goes into flashback mode as Zeke remembers the humiliation at the hands of the Marleyans.

Despite training hard, Zeke could not match the other candidates and becomes a disappointment to his parents – Grisha and Dina.

Later, Zeke meets a Marleyan warrior named Tom Ksaver who works as a Titan researcher. Tom takes Zeke under his wings and starts to train him.

The episode shows how Zeke is stuck between Eldia and Marley. He also learns a shocking truth about his parents that leads to him becoming the Beast Titan.

The cast of "Attack on Titan," which is also called "Shingeki no Kyojin," includes Yuuki Kaji as Eren Jaeger, Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackermann, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Braun, Takehito Koyasu as Zeke, Marina Inoue as Armin Arlelt, Natsuki Hanae as Falco Grice, Manami Numakura as Pieck, Ayane Sakura as Gabi Braun, Toshiki Masuda as Porco Galliard, Yumi Kawashima as Zofia, Ayumu Murase as Udo and Masaya Matsukaze as Colt Grice.

"Attack on Titan" Season 4, Episode 16 finale is scheduled to air Sunday. Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu are streaming the episodes.

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