Lady Gaga purchased 55 pieces from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe collection, after they were sold at the “Icons & Idols” auction in Beverly Hills over the weekend at Julien’s Auctions.

“The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide,” the megastar tweeted to her followers.

While it is not known what Lady Gaga bought at the auction, auctioneer Darren Julien told the Huffington Post the jacket Jackson wore during his "Bad" tour was purchased for $240,000, while many of his performance clothes raised over $100,000, including two of his crystal-encrusted gloves. Overall, the auction raised $5 million for charity, according to Starpulse.

Lady Gaga evidently had a huge amount of respect for the King of Pop. Back in 2010, during an interview with Larry King, she said, "I was actually asked to open for Michael on his [This Is It] tour.

"And we were going to open for him at the O2, and we were working on making it happen."

She added, "Michael's death was devastating for me regardless of whether or not I was supposed to go on tour with him.He is such an inspiration and remarkable human being.

"And I guess I suppose, Larry, some of my fascination with death and the demise of the celebrity goes along with me watching these hugely iconic and amazing people that I have heralded and admired my whole life become destroyed -- whether self-destroyed or destroyed by the media.”

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009.