An unassuming Austrian couple were recently caught off guard when they received a package that was supposed to contain dresses from a Dutch retailer. Instead, what they found were multiple bags containing approximately 24,800 tablets of ecstasy.

Initially, the woman, 58, guessed that they were decorative pieces of some sort, but her husband, 59, determined them to be drugs. The couple returned them to the post office in Linz, Upper Austria.

“The originally planned cozy breakfast was quickly over and to the horror of the couple, it turned out that, though one of the packages did contain the two dresses, the second however had 24,800 Ecstasy tablets worth about €500,000” a statement from Upper Austrian police read. The initial investigation discovered that it was a simple shipping mix up.

The contents of the package also referenced a Scottish individual who was the intended recipient of the drugs. Scottish authorities took over the investigation and were able to track down and arrest the intended addressee.

“This is a live investigation and enquiries are ongoing,” the National Crime Agency in the U.K. told CNN about the investigation.

Dutch police are also said to be investigating the company that sent the package.

A representational image of ecstasy pills. SOS Magazine