If you’re a Marvel fan that wasn’t planning to watch ABC’s premiere of “American Crime,” you may want to revisit your schedule. It has been confirmed that the studio will debut another trailer containing all new footage for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

The news comes by way of a TV spot, posted below, which states that those who tune in to the March 5 premiere of “American Crime” will be treated to the new trailer during the commercial break. Presumably it will go up online immediately after as Marvel has been following that path in the past.

News of the trailer’s release comes just a few days after Ironman himself, Robert Downey Jr., teased a “big announcement” for March 5. While it’s likely that the trailer is exactly what the actor had in mind, it’s not exactly an “announcement,” so perhaps more news is to accompany the trailer.

It’s also possible, as many hope, that the third trailer will finally give eager Marvel fans their first look at Paul Bettany as Vision. The character has been long teased by writer/director Joss Whedon but the final look has been conspicuously left out of the first two trailers, as well as the movie’s official poster. In a previous interview with Empire Online, RDJ made it sound like the ultimate reveal of Bettany in full character makeup was somehow integral to the plot of the film. This would explain why he’s shrouded in mystery in a way that fellow newcomers Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are not. It’s very likely that if he’s not included in the March 5 trailer, fans will simply have to pay full ticket price on May 1 in order to see what the new hero will look like.

Still, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility as the commercial for the trailer alone has already yielded some stunning new plot details. It was previously speculated that, after terrifying her half to death in the first “Avengers” movie, Bruce Banner/ The Hulk and Black Widow might get a significantly more cozy relationship in the sequel. After all, both trailers have shown a scene in which she’s able to calm the unstoppably green rage monster down.

The first shot of the commercial shows Widow and Banner in what looks like the moment either before or after a kiss. According to previously leaked footage from the movie that showed the infamous party scene from the extended trailer, the two characters are allegedly really into each other when the movie opens.

Those curious about the group dynamics of The Avengers, as well as what new footage will be revealed in the upcoming trailer, will simply have to wait until Thursday March 5, when “American Crime” premieres on ABC at 10 p.m. EST.