Avengers: Age of Ultron
"Avengers: Age of Ultron" actress Elizabeth Olsen teased new character details in interview with Empire. Reuters

For a sequel starring many characters with their own standalone movies, very little is known about the cast of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Luckily for fans, the Scarlet Witch herself, Elizabeth Olsen, is teasing some details about one of the most enigmatic new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel fans are buzzing about an in-depth interview the actress did with Empire Magazine in which she revealed how her character will fight, the extent of Scarlet Witch’s powers and how she and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) meet the rest of the Avengers.

It’s no secret that the character has powers that appear to be magical. In the comic books she’s a mutant (like the “X-Men,” but they’re forbidden from being talked about in these movies) with the power to manipulate reality and send red beams of energy at her enemies. How exactly will this be portrayed on screen?

"Joss [Whedon] was really inspired by dancers, and so he knew that he wanted to change visually how she moves, to be more like a dancer than a fighter,” Olsen told Empire (via CinemaBlend). “I didn't really have to do much stunt training. Instead I trained with a dancer, Jenny White, which was its own kind of soreness, but it wasn't what I thought it would be."

As CinemaBlend points out, the character’s dancing roots might explain a clip in the film’s first trailer that shows a line of ballerinas practicing in a darkened room. Perhaps fans can look forward to an extended flashback origin story?

As for her powers, fans were given a brief glimpse at what she can do in the trailer as well as the end-credits scene that followed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in 2014. Still, in terms of exactly what she can do, details are vague and purposefully so, according to Olsen.

"'Age of Ultron' is almost our origin story, so we don't have one of those montages where heroes learn all of their powers in five minutes," Olsen said in her interview (via ComicBook). "We are still discovering the things we can and cannot do. The extent of her powers isn't fully explored in ‘Ultron.’ But she can manipulate objects. And she has visions, and she has the ability to share them."

Sharing visions could help explain a teaser scene from Marvel’s big Phase 3 announcement earlier this year. The scene showed Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) chopping wood and talking about where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) disappeared to.

“Give him time, we don’t know what the Maximoff kid showed him,” Stark says.

“I don’t know what she showed you. I just know it made you do something stupid” responds a noticeably flustered Captain America.

It looks like at some point in the movie, Scarlet Witch shares some of her visions with the Avengers that sends Thor away and drives a wedge between Ironman and the Captain. This lends some context to Olsen’s final reveal about her character, which is that she and her brother do not start off as Avengers.

"Obviously there are plenty of countries in the world that hate America, for whatever history and pain they believe it has caused their own country and their own lives. That is the world we have created for Wanda and Pietro, to have been brought up in,” Olsen revealed (via ComicBookMovie) What you're told a lot of times growing up is that that, country, those people, their way of living is the reason why we have been bombed. [The Avengers] are the worst evil in Wanda and Pietro's mind, not this guy who hasn't done anything yet."

Elizabeth Olsen will team up with Evans, Taylor-Johnson, Hemsworth and the rest of the Avengers May 1, 2015 when the "Avengers" sequel officially hits theaters.