Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth played Thor in an "Avengers: Age of Ultron" parody while hosting last weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Reuters

If you’re going to have Chris Hemsworth host “Saturday Night Live,” you obviously need to dress him up as Thor and parody “The Avengers.” In Saturday's episode, the actor donned the full costume and makeup in order to reveal to fans how the upcoming film “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ends. Kind of.

Obviously the sketch didn’t actually reveal anything about the ending of the highly anticipated movie. If it had, you wouldn’t need to read about it because you would be able to hear fans shouting about it from the rooftops. Instead, the sketch operated on the very reasonable idea that the villain Ultron (James Spader) does not beat our heroes by the end of the film. In the sketch, supposedly taking place just after the climax of the movie, "SNL" cast member Bobby Moynihan plays a reporter on the streets of an unspecified ruined city where the Avengers have just defeated Ultron’s robot army (which was teased again in the recently released third trailer for the film). Behind him a very jovial, and significantly nonmajestic Thor is collecting high-fives from the crowd.

The sketch is meant to parody the moment when a reporter approaches an athlete following a big win. The Asgardian is constantly throwing up “We’re No. 1” signs in the background and even dumps a bucket of Gatorade on the shoulders of Nick Fury (played by Jay Pharoah) with the help of Iron Man (Taran Killam).

The skit reaches a comedic apex with an on-point and dry delivery from Moynihan. When asked if Ultron is capable of instigating further attacks on humanity, the comedian says it seems unlikely as Thor is behind him “doing the running man.” Honestly, everyone should be on the lookout for a gif of Hemsworth masterfully doing the celebratory dance in his red cape -- it’s truly hysterical.

The hero takes a moment to praise his brother, Loki, played by fan-beloved actor Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of movies.

“I wanna do a shoutout to my brother Loki," says Hemsworth's Thor. "I know we had our differences in the past and you tried to take over the world, but I love you man! And, uh, my ex, Jane – how do you like me now? Oh, and check out my podcast on SoundCloud, it’s sick!”

There’s perhaps a potential spoiler as Thor references Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as his "ex." However, when we last saw her, at the end of “Thor: The Dark World,” she was very much still with the hero. Perhaps a breakup is how the movie will explain the actress’ absence from the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” cast? Hemsworth opened up about this idea in the past, according to ScreenRant, but neither confirmed nor denied a thing.

Pete Davidson also appeared in the sketch as Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. He’s a little frazzled having just morphed back to human form and is convinced that he “ate a guy.”

“You did, you ate a BUNCH of guys. You’re nuts!” Thor responds with glee.

Following him was Beck Bennett as Captain America, who in typical wet blanket fashion took the airtime to remind everyone that the mayor’s order to stay in their homes is still in effect, despite the celebration, since “many buildings are unstable and several fires are not yet contained.”

Hopefully that doesn’t stop people from making it to the Dave & Buster's on Ninth Street, where Thor says the official post-win party will take place. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, there’s potentially some late-night karaoke afterward.

Check out the hilarious video below to see how it stacks up against the actual ending to “Avengers: Age of Ultron” when it hits theaters on May 1.