Avril Lavigne's surprising engagement to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger made headline when a rep for Lavigne broke the announcement to People magazine on Tuesday.

Besides stunning their legions of fans, or rather, the majority of the world who had most likely chosen to forget that either still existed, the news has also sparked the Internet's more creative side.

Shortly after their announcement, which Lavigne confirmed via Twitter, the news of their engagement spawned a meme of photoshopped images of the couple, which quickly went viral, in which their faces had been swapped.

But Lavigne, 27, and Kroeger's, 37, impending nuptials may also threaten the status of another high-profile celebrity couple. "Kim and Kanye, look out," joked Amanda Holpuch in an article for the Guardian, titled "Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's Engagement Unleashes Swarms of Snark.""Your title as arguably the most hated celebrity couple has finally been toppled - and by a pair of Canadians, no less."

Lavigne and Kroeger, who have already won themselves the joint nickname "Chavril," had only been dating for six months before Kroeger popped the question. The Canadian rockers met while working on a song together for Lavigne's upcoming album, reported People. "He makes her so happy," said a source for People. "Both of their families could not be more excited."

While Kroeger, 37, has not been married before, the wedding will be the second for Lavigne, 27, who married Sum41 singer Deryck Whibley in July 2006, only to split up four years later. According to Lavigne, however, the two remain good friends. Whibley produced several of the tracks on Lavigne's last album, "Goodbye Lullaby," and Lavigne claimed that she was "grateful for the relationship" when she appeared on "Chelsea Handler" in March 2011.

"We're not doing each other, but yes, we're friends," said Lavigne. "I really respect him as a person and as an artist, so it's all good."

Lavigne went on to tell Handler that she was still serious about finding love, and was hoping to eventually settle down. "It's all about love and I make that my number one priority," Lavigne said. "One day I would hope to have kids and do that whole thing. Right now I'm very focused on my career, my album, my tour and naturally when that happens for me next, ya I'll go for it."

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