Awkward Moments Day is commemorated on March 18 every year to remind people that no matter how much they hate it, embarrassing situations are inevitable. The day is meant to recall the funny situations that one has been through in the past and to laugh about them.

People should understand that facing such situations doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they lack common sense, sometimes it is beyond our control.

While awkward moments are sure to find us all at some point in our lives, sharing the experience with a friend helps us keep our cool.

All of us have done some common unintentional mistakes like asking a friend about her due date when she is not even pregnant or waving at a man who turned out to be a complete stranger, right? So, instead of cribbing about it or feeling ashamed, why not laugh!

Below are some more of such real-life awkward experiences shared by people (compiled by Bored Panda) that will tell you that you are not the only one to have faced a complex social situation.

"After flunking a job interview, got up, shook everyone’s hands, and walked into the coat closet,"- said Twitter user Noah Masterson.

"Just tried a coat on in TK Maxx. It was the coat of a customer trying on another coat. I can never leave the house again,"- said David Payne on Twitter

"Just bumped into a mannequin & said 'sorry.' Then said 'oh I thought you were a person.'Then realized I was still talking to a mannequin."- wrote AJ Mendez

"A friend went placed her order at drivethru. She the heard "could you drive up to the speaker you’re talking to the trash can" – wrote Kelly B on Twitter

"Nanny job interview, told job would involve light housekeeping replied “I have never kept a Lighthouse before but willing to try"- Glenna Ranieri wrote on Twitter

"On a trip, saw some baby horses, could not think the word foal, finally shouted "horse kittens" and pointed. Wife understood"- wrote John Mckay on Twitter

"Walked up to a baby-holding stranger (thinking it was my sister) at my daughter’s soccer game and said, "give me the baby"- a Twitter user who goes by @hkell wrote.

Funny Pixabay
Funny Pixabay