Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks on the first day of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California April 10, 2015. Getty Images

Rapper Azealia Banks deleted Facebook assault allegations against actor Russell Crowe on Monday but promised to provide proof of the incident. Banks claims Crowe grabbed her by the throat, called her the N-word, spat on her and then threw him out of his suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday. She filed a police report a day later.

"I have receipts. Stay tuned," she wrote Monday. Banks said she would take a brief break from social media.

"The truth will be out on Wednesday," she continued. "I am 100-percent innocent in this matter. No matter how you feel about me no person deserves to be handled that way. And I will not be threatened or chastised into keeping quiet.

"This man MUST and WILL be held accountable for his actions." The 25-year-old also added: "This is the most expensive mistake he will ever make in his life."

Banks, who reportedly felt suicidal after the attack, issued a statement about the way the media has covered the incident.

"She is very, very disgusted by the reports. The reports out there don't even remotely resemble what actually happened. She was attacked. What has been reported as to what had led up to the attack is all fictitious," her rep told Us Weekly on Monday.

“She did file a police report after the incident,” the rep continued. “She wants to go back to New York. She's very distraught. She's not comfortable being in LA after what happened.”

Crowe hasn’t responded to Saturday’s alleged incident with Banks. She was invited to his suite by rapper RZA, who brought her as a guest, TMZ wrote Sunday. Crowe starred in the 2012 film "The Man with the Iron Fists," which RZA co-wrote and directed.

The situation started when Banks laughed at Crowe’s music selection and then called him and at least one other guest, “boring white men.”

When a female guest defended Crowe, Banks threatened: “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s---.” It was then that Crowe escorted her out of his suite and called security. Unlike Banks’ account, she was the one who dropped the N-bombs, sources told TMZ. Crowe reportedly remained calm throughout the incident.

Banks has a history of fighting with fellow celebrities. She was kicked off Twitter in April after attacking former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson with obscenity-laced tweets.

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