Azriel Clary backlash at R. Kelly haters amid the ongoing controversy revolving around the R&B singer’s life.

Clary said in a video uploaded on her social media account, Snapchat, that if people would hate her for loving R. Kelly, she wouldn’t care. “Be a hater. I’m cool with that,” she said.

"Do you know how many haters I got? Does it look like it’s fazing me?” R. Kelly’s girlfriend added.

Clary, who repeatedly mentioned in the video that she would be turning 22 soon, took her emotions out on the said social media platform and told people to mind their own business. The 21-year-old called out to people, told them not to worry and to leave her alone.

An edited version of the same Snapchat video appeared on Twitter (@justmonet_). The said tweet received multiple reactions — some expressed their sympathies, while others bashed.

Clary confirmed, in the same video, that she’s no longer communicating with her parents out of choice. She further emphasized that she did not need to talk to anybody and if she didn’t want to.

There were numerous times in the video wherein she openly professed her love for R. Kelly and called him the love her life. Clary defined her actions and support for her boyfriend as an act of unconditional love and loyalty. She confirmed her attendance in New York court for the trial.

R. Kelly is being held in a jail in Chicago without bail but on Aug. 2, the singer-producer will be flying to a Brooklyn Federal Court House for a trial, Variety reported. He will fly back to Chicago for the conduct of a status hearing on Sept. 4 for a separate charge.

R. Kelly could be facing 195 years in prison on Chicago charges alone, if proven guilty. He was chared with 18 counts of sexual misconduct, including child pornography, charges in New York and Chicago.

Meanwhile, Clary’s parents reacted differently when they saw their daughter’s social media uploads. Family sources reportedly told TMZ that she was acting like her normal self and it gave them hope that they’d be able to get her back.

Will they? Because it was only a few months ago when she and Jocelyn Savage went for an interview with Gayle King of CBS This Morning wherein she furiously warned the public to be careful with her dad. She even called him manipulative and a liar.

Clary denied the allegations that R. Kelly brainwashed her, and confirmed that she’s been taken good care of.