Testimony continued Wednesday in the trial of Michael McCarthy, the man accused of murdering 2-year-old Bella Bond, also known as “Baby Doe.” McCarthy was accused of killing Bella, the daughter of his former girlfriend, Rachelle Bond, in 2015.

Prosecutors said McCarthy, 37, was obsessed with the occult and believed Bella was a demon when he killed her. Bella’s mother Rachelle allegedly told prosecutors she witnessed McCarthy kill her daughter and that he intimidated her into helping him dispose of her body.

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“She just died. It was her time. She was a demon,” McCarthy said, according to prosecutors.

McCarthy’s defense team, however, said it wasn’t he who was obsessed with the occult but Rachelle, and that she had killed her daughter. McCarthy pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“He had nothing to do with her tragic death,” defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro said. “Michael did not even know that Bella was dead until the police who arrested him told him. The prosecution’s case rests entirely upon the uncorroborated evidence and unbelievable testimony from Rachelle Bond.”

Forensic evidence was presented Tuesday in the case as prosecution asked three crime scene investigators whether there was any such evidence tying McCarthy to the murder. All three said no, WCVB-TV reported Wednesday.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Anthony Alestock also appeared at the trial to say that while searching the apartment Bond and McCarthy shared, he found books about demonology inside. State Police crime lab forensic scientist Jennifer Montgomery told jurors she discovered hairs inside the refrigerator at the home as well, where McCarthy was alleged to have kept Bella’s body after he killed her.

“I was given information that someone with longer hair may have been inside the fridge, so I collected those,” she said.

Bella first captured national attention in July 2015 when her body washed up on a Massachusetts beach wrapped in trash bags. Bella’s condition was so deteriorated that investigators had to produce a composite image of what they thought she may have looked like in order to identify her. For months, Bella was known only as “Baby Doe” as no conclusive evidence of her identity was found.

Rachelle reportedly told friends and family that her daughter was taken away by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to justify her absence. Eventually, she told a friend named Michael Sprinsky that Bella was, in fact, dead. Sprinsky connected the dots between the items found with “Baby Doe” and Bella and went to police.

Rachelle then told police that while she had seen McCarthy kill Bella, he threatened her and told her not to tell anyone. The two were heavy heroin users, according to reports, and binged on the drug after her death. They then put her body in trash bags loaded with weights and dropped her in the water. Rachelle reportedly told investigators she didn’t report it because she was afraid of McCarthy and “trapped by his abusive behavior and her own drug abuse.”

Rachelle was charged with accessory after the fact for helping McCarthy dispose of Bella’s body and. In exchange for a guilty plea, she agreed to testify for the prosecution against McCarthy and was expected to walk free at the end of the trial.

The defense, however, continued to hone in on Rachelle as a possible suspect and quoted her diary during opening statements as evidence that she was the one obsessed with demons and the occult. In the entry, Rachelle pondered why many missing children were never found.

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“That’s because the leaders of every country get together and torture and rape and kill these innocent children every year just so they can drink their blood and eat their flesh, so these reptilian demons can have a moment's clarity,” the entry said.

The prosecution was expected to rest its case sometime this week, at which point the case would head to the jury for deliberation.