She was born so perfect and then they cut off her finger, says mom Veronica Olguin of her eight-month-old baby girl, Selena.

Olguin, 15, had taken then three-month-old Selena to Florida Regional Medical Center for a high fever and bronchitis in October. Three days later when cutting off a bandage holding an IV in place, the nurse, Emily Anna Stutz, reportedly cut too far.

There was blood squirting everywhere, said Olguin to USA Today. I held her head close to my chest...she was read, she was screaming. And I looked at her hand (and) she didn't have her finger any more. I started screaming, 'Her finger! Her finger!' and that's when (the nurse) panicked and threw her scissors and started screaming for the other doctors. And they came in and they picked the finger up from the floor.

After being rushed to Tampa General Hospital, doctors were unable to attach the pinky because the nerve endings were so tiny.

Now she only has nine fingers, that is really hard, said Olguin, who fears her daughter will be teased and unable to play sports.

According to the New York Daily News, hospital administrators called Selena's incident an unfortunate accident, and the nurse involved is still employed.

A spokesperson for the hospital released a statement saying, An unfortunate accident occurred at our hospital while an experienced nurse was removing bandages form the tip of a child's finger. We rushed the child to a hand specialist, but the tip of the finger could not be reattached. We deeply regret the harm to the child and want to reiterate our compassion and concern for her family.

According to the Miami Herald, Olguin is now suing the Florida hospital and the nurse for negligence. The amount is unspecified, but expected to be at least $15,000.