It has been an explosive and dramatic season of “The Bachelor.” Juan Pablo narrowed it down to two women – Nikki and Clare – but on Monday only one will remain. Who will Juan Pablo choose to be with? Will Juan Pablo propose? And did he truly come on the show to find love?

Meet The Parents

The season finale of “The Bachelor” kicked off in St. Lucia with Clare meeting Juan Pablo’s family for the first time … and it set off a couple of red flags. At the beginning of their meeting things seemed to be going smoothly with Clare talking about kids and how she can’t wait to be a mother. But it went south when Juan Pablo’s mother told Clare that her son often comes off as rude when he’s being “honest.”

Clare brushed off the warning and told his mother that she’s “definitely falling in love with him.” But Juan Pablo’s cousin, Rodolfo, also seemed to be hinting that there could be trouble for the pair down the line.

After Clare met Juan Pablo’s family it was Nikki’s turn. Nikki initially met Juan Pablo’s parents and his daughter Camila while in Miami, but their meeting was brief and no one had the opportunity to really grill each other. But just like Clare’s meeting, Juan Pablo’s family seemed to only have warnings for Nikki.

“He’s not an easy guy,” Juan Pablo’s dad tried telling Nikki. “It’s always very specific in what he wants.”

“He’s the kind of guy you want?” his mom asked her. And when Nikki said yes and asked if Juan Pablo was ready for all of this, all his mother could reply was that she was “pretty sure.”

Clare’s Final Date

Clare has one final date with Juan Pablo before the rose ceremony and she’s ready to make it count. But events occur that leave her struggling with what to do next.

Going on a helicopter ride over the ocean, Juan Pablo and Clare are able to have a rare moment together without any cameras or microphones. And while Clare was hoping that he would use that time to whisper some “sweet, kind and loving words,” the exact opposite allegedly came out.

“It was just something that he said in that moment to me,” Clare explained to the cameras after the fact. “I almost don’t have words for it, how I feel right now. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he really doesn’t know me, and some sexual thing I don’t want to repeat. It was insulting, offensive and it just made me feel awful.”

Clare continued that although she can’t repeat it, Juan Pablo said something along the lines of that he didn’t really know her but loved hooking up with her. His offensive comments left her wondering if all they had was a physical relationship, and desperate for answers before she could move any further.

Later that night Clare had the opportunity to explain how she felt to Juan Pablo, and ask him how he truly feels. And while Juan Pablo beat around the bush, he did tell Clare that she’s “special” to him and that he feels “great” about her.

Clare drank the punch he was spewing and somehow got out of their conversation that there is more than just a physical attraction between them. “Tonight I know that he wants me here,” she told the cameras.

Nikki’s Final Date

For his final date with Nikki, Juan Pablo takes the pediatric nurse on a private yacht for some fun in the sun. Showing up in a bikini, Nikki is set on having Juan Pablo confess his feelings to her. But when Juan Pablo asks if she has any concerns, she doesn’t bring it up.

After their romantic date, Juan Pablo visits her at the room. And once again Nikki is desperate to hear that he loves her. But those words never come – even when Nikki gives him a photo and letter. In the letter Nikki thanks him for the once in a lifetime experience, telling him that she can’t wait to see what the future brings them and that she loves him. And all Juan Pablo can do is thank her and kiss her cheek and forehead before leaving … leading her to cry after he closes the door.

Juan Pablo’s Decision With Clare

The camera shows a ring in Juan Pablo’s hand … but will he use it? First up is Clare. Arriving by boat, “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison walks her in to see Juan Pablo for the final time.

Juan Pablo tells her that since he first saw her – with the fake belly – they have had their ups and downs. “You’re here because I wanted you to be here,” he explains. “You are unbelievable, such an amazing woman … I appreciate you being here and trusting me all along.”

HOWEVER, Juan Pablo says that he has to follow what he thinks is best for him. “I will have to say goodbye,” he tells her, going in to hug her. But Clare throws her hands up to put the kibosh on the hug.

“This entire time I stuck around because I believed in you,” she tells him angrily. “And the other night on our last date when you came over and we spent our last hour together. I needed that reassurance and I gave you the opportunity right then… and for you to sit there and tell me that you could see yourself in Sacramento.”

Juan Pablo asks if she wants to know why he made his decision, but Clare tells him that it doesn’t matter. “I lost respect for you,” she says while walking away. “I would never want my children having a father like you.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Juan Pablo says, “Oof, glad I didn’t pick her” after she left.

Juan Pablo’s Decision With Nikki

Juan Pablo has a ring in his hand as Nikki arrives on her boat. The 26-year-old believes that there is a good chance she’ll be engaged by the end of the day … but will Juan Pablo use the ring to propose?

“I want you to be a part of my life,” she tells him. ”I’ve never felt like this before and I didn’t expect to feel this way but I’m really glad I do… I can’t imagine spending my life without you. I don’t want it to stop and I don’t think it will. I love you.”

Juan Pablo responds that there are many things he loves about her and that’s the reason why he wanted her here. “I could see you as a good stepmom to Camila,” he explains. “You have the qualities.” However Juan Pablo drops a bomb on her – after speaking with her dad during the hometown date, he’s not 100 percent sure that he wants to propose.

“Honestly, I have a ring here in my pocket and I’m not going to use it,” Juan Pablo continues. “I like you a lot, a lot. So Nikki – will you accept my final rose?”

And while Nikki’s face dropped, she ultimately shakes her head yes and embraces him.