“Bachelor” viewers witnessed the first rose ceremony during the premiere, but this week the drama builds as Juan Pablo continues on his journey for love with his first round of dates.

First One-On-One Date

Bachelor Clare received a rose from Juan Pablo during their one-on-one date.

The first lucky lady to land a one-on-one date with the Latino bachelor is 32-year-old Clare … the same Clare that showed up “seven months pregnant” during episode 1. And while some might have thought her little stunt to be a little kooky, Juan Pablo’s first impression of her was “funny, clever, happy and easygoing.” It’s that first impression that led him to blindfold her and surprise her with a magical winter wonderland in the middle of Los Angeles.

After a little sledding and ice skating, the pair head into a hot tub where Clare pulls an Amy J. and begins giving Juan Pablo a massage. But their playful date takes a serious tone when Clare decides to take her alone time to tell Juan Pablo about her deceased father and what she’s looking for in a man.

Grateful that Clare opened up to him, Juan Pablo decided to hop out of the hot tub to retrieve the rose. Asked if she’d accept it, Clare gladly takes the rose.

“I want her to stay because I enjoy being with her,” Juan Pablo explains to the cameras of his decision to give her the rose. “It just feels right.”

And Clare seems to have the same feelings for Juan Pablo. “When I look into Juan Pablo’s eyes it occurs to me that I could be falling for this guy,” she dishes to the cameras. “This is the beginning of our love story. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

But their night is not over just yet. Singer Josh Krajcik comes out to perform a private show for them, leading to a romantic dance in the snow and a passionate kiss as it starts to snow.

Second One-On-One Date

Bachelor Juan Pablo gave Kat a rose during their one-on-one date.

Kat is the second lucky bachelorette in the mansion to land the final one-on-one date for episode 2. But Juan Pablo has something very different in mind for the 29-year-old. Instead of the winter wonderland, the bachelor whisks Kat away on a private jet to Salt Lake City for a 5K electric run.

Dressed to rave in neon and glowing running gear, the pair dance/ run their way to the finish line, where Juan Pablo takes the stage and offers up the second date rose to Kat … and she accepts!

Group Date

bachelor Kelly received a rose for the group date.

The final date of episode 2 is a group date, but not everyone gets a chance to go on it. While 13 of the girls head off to a photo shoot to benefit Best Friends Animal Society, three of the girls are left behind – Danielle, Sharleen and Amy L.

By the looks of some of the costumes picked out, however, the three girls may have lucked out. A few girls are dressed to impress in gorgeous dresses or bathing suits, but Kelly is transformed to look like a bald dog, Lucy is handed a fire hydrant costume and Elise and Andi are told to wear nothing but a smile.

Needless to say Elise and Andi were not happy with their wardrobe, and despite attempts to change it, the creative director was set on having two ladies strip down. Fortunately for Elise, Lucy was more than happy to exchange her fire hydrant costume to walk around naked. Andi, on the other hand, got a pep talk from Juan Pablo and felt better when the bachelor revealed that he’d also be posing naked with her.


With the photo shoot a success, the group heads off for the after-party to sneak some one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. Cassandra uses her time to reveal that she has a 2-year-old son named Trey, while Renee tries to hint that she wants Juan Pablo to kiss her (he doesn’t). And while most of the ladies try to make a good impression, Victoria takes a different route – the crazy train.

After allegedly having several glasses of wine, Victoria begins to stumble and cause a scene – despite denying being hammered. “I’m just fun sober,” she tries explaining. But her conversation seems to hint that she has had a little too much to drink:

-“If I had Juan Pablo I’d straddle him every day. Because that’s what life is about – straddling people and things.”

-“If you do the hymen maneuver.”

-“Whose leg do I have to hump around here to get some one-on-one time?”

-“Juan Pablo is my boyfriend.”

Eventually Victoria ends up crying in the bathroom and demanding to go home. The production crew tells her that for her safety they can’t let her leave at the moment. Thanks to Lucy, Juan Pablo finds out about Victoria’s situation and tries to speak to her, but without any success.

Deciding to speak to her the next day, Juan Pablo rounds out the night by handing out the group date rose. And the lucky lady to receive it is Kelly, who was forced to dress up as the bald dog.

The Rose Ceremony: Who Got Sent Home In Episode 2?

Before the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo went to the hotel that Victoria was staying at to speak to her about the previous evening. Apologizing for “overreacting” and “setting off the crazy train,” Juan Pablo accepted the apology … but that didn’t mean he was okay with her behavior.

“I’m 32 with a daughter and looking for somebody,” he explained to Victoria. “It’s hard. For me, my family and the rightest thing to do is not even wait for the rose ceremony.”

Heading back to the house, Juan Pablo gets in a little more one-on-one time with the girls before the Rose Ceremony. An upset Cassandra gets reassured that Juan Pablo wants to get to know her better and will keep her son in mind; Sharleen apologizes for “being so ungracious” during the premiere, and Amy L. channels her inner reporter to interview Juan Pablo about his feelings for her.

With Clare, Kat and Kelly already in possession of roses, the first bachelorette to receive a rose during the ceremony was Cassandra. Juan Pablo then followed up with Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie and Lauren. The final rose was handed to Christy, sending Chantel and Amy L. home.

“I don’t understand it,” Amy L. told the cameras after saying goodbye. “I thought I was going to be around for a long time.”

“I’m more shocked than anything,” Chantel revealed. “I thought there was a connection there.”

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