Sharleen lands the one-on-one group date in episode 4 of "The Bachelor." ABC

Adios, California! On Monday, Jan. 27, “The Bachelor” is moving Juan Pablo and his 13 remaining ladies to continue their journey to find love in Seoul, South Korea. And the drama won’t be staying state side!

At the end of episode 3 Juan Pablo had Alli, Andi, Cassandra, Chelsie, Clare, Danielle, Elise, Kat, Kelly, Lauren S., Nikki, Renee and Sharleen left in the running for his heart. In episode 4 all 13 ladies will be packing their bags for Seoul … but after two group dates and a single one-on-one date only 11 Bachelorette’s will be moving on.

The First Group Date

The bachelor
Are Kat's actions upsetting the other girls in week 4 of "The Bachelor"? ABC

Six girls will be following the Bachelor to meet K-Pop stars “2NE1,” the most popular singing group in South Korea. However, the girls aren’t getting a private show -- they’re getting dance lessons! In a fun twist, Juan Pablo and the contestants will be joining “2NE1” onstage as background dancers, performing the choreographed routine that they learned during their dance lesson. And while Kat has no problem showing off her dance moves to Juan Pablo, Nikki is struggling not only to keep up … but with a bad case of stage fright!

“Bachelor” fans will have to wait and see if Nikki makes it through the performance, but one thing is certain: The group date after-party will bring drama. The synopsis for the ABC dating show teases that one Bachelorette “makes it quite clear she is not a fan of group dates and wants Juan Pablo to herself.” Kat seemed to upset the rest of the girls in episode three by hanging all over Juan Pablo during the pool party -- could she be the anti-group date culprit in episode 4?

One-On-One Date

Sharleen is the lucky lady to snag the only one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in episode 4. For the past few episodes viewers have watched as the 29-year-old opera singer flip-flopped on her feelings for the Bachelor. While first complaining that their connection felt forced, Sharleen went on to have two public make-out sessions with the 32-year-old single dad in episode 3. And even though things seemed to be heating up between the two, episode 4 will find Sharleen once again “questioning her connection” with Juan Pablo.

Their one-on-one date will consist of a romantic day exploring a Korean market where they buy souvenirs and try local food. Later that evening, the opera singer will treat the Bachelor to a “secret performance in a private courtyard.” However, their perfect day may potentially take the turn for the worst when Juan Pablo brings up motherhood with Sharleen. The synopsis reveals that Juan Pablo’s questions regarding Sharleen balancing her career with motherhood will follow with “disquieting silence.” Could this lead to Sharleen not receiving a rose and being sent home?

The Second One-On-One Date

The remaining six women head out on the second group date of episode 4 for a fun afternoon of “Korean Craze.” Their date consists of “singing karaoke, going for a river tour on swan-shaped pedal bouts and enduring a fish pedicure.” But just like the previous group date, the drama will build when one Bachelorette tries to steal Juan Pablo away from the other five girls.

And that’s not all the drama for the second batch of ladies! With his daughter Camila in mind, Juan Pablo decides “to take a step back and not kiss anyone.” One woman won’t get that message, though, and will be rejected when she makes a move.

By the end of episode 4, only 11 contestants will remain in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart. And while two girls will be sent home, the remaining ladies will be packing their bags to follow Juan Pablo to Vietnam.

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