Welcome to Santa Fe! The 11 remaining girls on “The Bachelor” packed their bags to join Chris Soules in New Mexico for the next step of their journey. With the 33-year-old Iowa farmer ready to narrow down his search for love, tension between the contestants was higher than ever in episode 5.

First One-On-One Date

Carly landed the first one-on-one date of episode 5. Chris and the 29-year-old cruise ship singer spent the afternoon with a “love and intimacy mentor.” Or as Chris put it, a “love guru.”

Things got weird almost immediately with some sage, a blindfold and some tears for the cameras. With the “love guru” requesting that the pair touch each other like they’ve never touched a human before, Carly immediately began to panic. Turns out she is “terrified” of physical intimacy because her ex-boyfriend refused to touch her. While she didn’t tell Chris at first, she finally confessed that she was uncomfortable when the “love guru” asked them to de-robe each other. Fortunately Chris felt the same way.

“This is a first date …” he told the “love guru.”

The rest of the date was pretty tame, and ultimately Chris and Carly ended up enjoying themselves. Although he was on the fence about their romantic connection at the beginning of the day, he left the “love guru” feeling confident about moving forward with their relationship.

The pair opened up to each other about their insecurities, and Chris gifted Carly with the rose before telling the cameras that she would make a good wife.

Group Date

Jade, Megan, Kaitlyn, Whitney, Mackenzie, Becca, Samantha, Ashley I. and Kelsey joined Chris for the episode 5 group date. Chris wanted to see how the girls could handle the outdoors and took them rafting on the Rio Grande. Everything was going great … until Jade fell into the water. The other girls managed to pull her back in quickly, however Jade suffers from a disorder that makes her hands and feet go numb at normal temperatures. Chris spent a large chunk of his time on land rubbing her feet and hands to make sure she was okay. That didn’t sit well with the other women, who told the cameras that they would have fell overboard if it meant getting a rubdown from the bachelor.

The group date turned tense during the after party when Jordan, a contestant who was eliminated in episode 2, resurfaced. She told Chris that she drove from Colorado to ask for a second chance. Chris told the cameras that he let her go because she wasn’t taking the process as seriously as the other girls … yet he still invited her to join everyone else for the party.

Needless to say, the others were NOT happy to have another girl join the group. Chris made the mistake of telling the ladies that he was open to hearing their opinion on Jordan’s second chance, and the contestants made their feelings known. Instead of using their one-on-one time to further form a connection, they all focused on why Jordan should not receive a second chance from him.

Chris listened and decided not to let Jordan rejoin the group. But unfortunately the damage was already done. Whitney and Ashley I. started a war against each other over the appropriate way to act. Ashley I. left the party in tears when Chris handed the group date rose to Whitney

Second One-On-One Date

According to Carly, Britt has not showered in weeks. But that didn’t stop her from landing the second one-on-one date with Chris. Unfortunately Britt began freaking out and crying when the date card hinted that they’d be doing something related to heights.

Chris went to Britt’s room at 4:30 a.m. to wake her up for the date. Carly, who shared a room with Britt, also woke up – and was not happy to be “shushed” by Chris. To make the situation even worse, Carly had to overhear the sound of Britt and Chris kissing. (AWKWARD!)

Britt had five minutes to get ready, which was great for her because she supposedly puts makeup on before she goes to sleep. When their limo pulled up to their date spot, Britt was excited to see a hot air balloon. The situation made absolutely no sense because Britt cried to Carly that she had a severe phobia of heights that left her paralyzed … but whatever.

The two enjoyed the hot air balloon ride and took the date back to Chris’ suite at the hotel. Chris and Britt talked about how many kids they wanted and “took a nap.” Meanwhile, the other girls gossiped about Britt. Ashley I. revealed that Britt said she “loves being single” and is not in a rush to get married or have kids. That did not sit well with everyone. When Britt returned to the room, Kelsey decided to seek one-on-one time with Chris to take care of the new “threat” to her relationship.

Kelsey went to Chris’ room and told him about the death of her husband and her “story.” After Kelsey revealed her past, she moved in for a kiss.

“I love my story,” she told the cameras. “This is a show about Chris, but this is my love story too.”

Cocktail Party

Everyone was nervous going into the cocktail party – the main reason being Britt’s "nap time" with Chris. However Kelsey was the only one not worried. Her behavior caught Whitney’s attention, who figured out that something was “not adding up.”

Chris revealed to everyone that he had an “emotional” talk with Kelsey that “hit home with the whole process.” Before he could go any further, he left to take a minute for himself.

When “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison went to speak to Chris, Kelsey told the girls she didn't tell them about her secret time because she wanted to “protect” them from an awkward situation while “honoring” her story. She then told them that they talked about making “every moment count” and that Chris already has his decision made up. This confused the other girls, so Kelsey spelled it out for them – “he’s not going to waste our time.”

Chris Harrison returned and said that Chris was simply delaying the inevitable and decided to skip the cocktail party and go straight to the rose ceremony. The news made Kelsey freak out, and the cameras cut to her sobbing on the floor. It appeared that she was having a panic attack, and an on-set paramedic asked someone to call 911.

“To be continued …” flashed across the screen at the end of episode 5, postponing the rose ceremony for another week.