“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison is a saint. Besides dealing with the emotional rose ceremonies all season long, he brought out the 30 contestants from Season 19 for “The Women Tell All” special. Chris Soules certainly had some upset women to face – but all eyes were on the ladies confronting each other about in-house drama.

Check out the top 8 most dramatic moments from “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All”:

1. The First Batch Of Tears: Britt Edition – Britt was the first one to cry during “The Women Tell All.” The waterworks began after the special aired a compilation of all the drama that occurred throughout the season. When the cameras recapped the night of Britt’s elimination, the 27-year-old waitress immediately began to tear up.

“Why did you pretend to be my friend the whole time?” Britt asked Carly.

Carly, of course, had a difficult time responding. Her argument was that the show was never about friendship, and the other contestants agreed. However, not everyone was team Carly. Jillian got “jacked up” over how mean Carly was throughout the season. She revealed that while in the limo on the way to the mud run, Carly told Chris that Jillian has a “d—k” and is a “man.” She added that Britt was the most “pure hearted” and “caring” person she ever met.

Britt continued that her relationship with Chris “wasn’t sour” until Carly talked to him. When Chris Harrison asked Britt if she thought she’d still be on the show if Carly was out of the picture, the other women yelled out “no.” But Britt said “yes.”

2. The Second Batch Of Tears: Kelsey Edition – Kelsey was the second person that Chris Harrison brought into the hot seat. In between tears, she told “The Bachelor” host that she felt betrayed and that she was “grieving” all over again because of the experience. After blowing her nose in Chris Harrison’s silk handkerchief, she admitted to understanding why a lot of the girls disliked her – her condescending attitude and use of big words – but she added that she just wanted to be “accepted.”

The other ladies weren’t buying Kelsey’s tears. Their reactions were brutal:

  • Juelia said that Kelsey was “calculative” and that she never met someone “so fake” in her entire life.
  • “If you’re still grieving I don’t know why you put yourself on the show,” Megan told her.
  • Samantha argued that she felt that Kelsey’s panic attack drama sent her home and that she “lost out” on getting to know Chris.
  • Trina added that Kelsey’s use of the word “story” when talking about her late husband was inappropriate. “You don’t say that when you lose someone,” she said.

Kelsey got the final word in when she called out Ashley I. for her “despicable” and “below the belt” comment – “You allude to the fact that my husband didn’t even exist and that I made it up.” She then broke down into tears again and retold the audience about her “great love” and her “great loss.”

3. The First “Bachelor In Paradise” Cast Member? – Meet Ashley S. Turns out that she’s not as crazy as she appeared on the show … and she might be the first cast member of “Bachelor In Paradise.”

She explained that her odd behavior on “The Bachelor” was due to the cameras, and that it was hard for her “not to be silly.” Ashley S. joked that while the other women in the house were crying, she was outside picking pomegranates. After bringing the laughs and making the audience smile, Chris Harrison “begged” her to take a spot on the spinoff series “Bachelor in Paradise.” The crowd immediately went wild and the girls began to shout, “do it.” But Ashley S. didn’t confirm or deny that she’d join show.

“Hmmm,” she said. “It’s so weird … just that we’re on TV.”

4. The Third Batch of Tears: Jade Edition – Jade definitely caught the attention of viewers … partly because she modeled nude for Playboy. Fans will remember that she revealed her secret to Chris during the hometown date episode. And while Chris seemed okay with it, he ended up sending her home during that rose ceremony.

Sitting down with Chris Harrison, Jade began to tear up. She admitted that it was “hard to rewatch.”

“I felt like things were good,” she said, explaining that she thought they would be able to move forward. “I don’t know what went wrong.”

Jade added that she was “crushed” after reading Chris’ blog, and wanted to ask why he wasn’t honest with her.

5. Kaitlyn’s Still Not Over Chris – Chris told Kaitlyn that he was falling in love with her during the fantasy suite episode … but then eliminated her in the rose ceremony. It’s something that Kaitlyn is still not over. “It’s not easy,” she told Chris Harrison after rewatching the clip. “I really didn’t see him putting me through a rose ceremony if he didn’t feel it.”

6. The Fourth (And Fifth) Batch Of Tears: Britt And Carly Part 2 – Chris Soules finally came out on stage and Britt gave him an awkwardly long hug. She sat down and immediately started crying again.

“I understand why you did what you did,” she told him, bringing up Carly’s “backstabbing” again. The conversation made Carly break into tears from her seat. “I thought she was my friend,” Britt continued, saying that Carly “duped” her too. But Chris told Britt that Carly’s conversation had nothing to do with her elimination.

“My decision was based on our journey together and our relationship,” he explained to Britt. “Not based on what somebody else told me. “

7. Kaitlyn vs. Chris – Kaitlyn got her chance to call Chris out for his brutal break up. Bringing up the fact that he pulled aside Becca, Kaitlyn asked why she didn’t receive the same opportunity. She really hit him below the belt when she brought up the fact that Andi let him down easy while on “The Bachelorette,” and that she deserved the same courtesy.

Chris didn’t really have an answer for her. “You totally deserve all the respect I could give you,” he said. “In that moment I did the best I could.”

8. The Sixth Batch Of Tears: Jade Part 2 – Jade got her chance to clear things up with Chris before the end of “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.” Tearing up, she admitted that her feelings were hurt when he called the hometown date “disturbing.”

“Caught off guard was the better way to put it,” Chris told her, adding that the “wild mustang” comment from her brother really threw him. He also apologized for saying that looking at her nude Playboy photos with her was “awkward.”

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