Season 19 of “The Bachelor” has only just begun, but it’s already been an emotional ride for some. The season premiered Jan. 5 by introducing star Chris Soules to 30 single women looking for love. But as fans of the ABC reality-television show know, not every contestant has the opportunity to move forward with Chris, a 33-year-old farmer from Iowa. The first elimination sent eight bachelorettes home -- but one gal wasn’t ready to end her time with the bachelor.

The premiere concluded with Kimberly, a 28-year-old yoga instructor from Long Island, New York, re-entering “The Bachelor” mansion after failing to receive a rose from Chris. Kimberly interrupted Chris’ champagne toast with the remaining ladies, and asked to speak to him privately. The episode ended without viewers hearing their conversation, or learning whether Chris would give her a second chance at love. Fortunately, all questions will be answered in episode 2.

The synopsis for the second episode of the 2015 season teases Chris will make a decision when it comes to Kimberly, but that won’t be the only drama  fans can anticipate. For the first group date, six women will strip down to their swimsuits to do a little flirting during a rooftop pool party. However, things will really heat up when they engage in a “tractor race.” The six ladies will be fighting to win -- especially because the prize is private time with Chris. But the bachelor has other plans. The synopsis teases he decides to spend time with a woman who does not end up winning the race.

Chris and the lucky woman will hang out at a “honky-tonk bar” where they’ll get to know each other a little better. She’ll share a secret and “touching” story with him -- but it doesn’t guarantee her a spot in his heart moving forward.

After the group date, Chris will go on his first one-on-one date for the season with Megan, a 24-year-old makeup artist from Nashville, Tennessee. The duo gets to take a romantic helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon before enjoying a picnic lunch. It’s during their picnic that Megan opens up about her past -- and gets a kiss from Chris. But will she get a date rose from the bachelor? Or will she be sent packing?

Finally, Chris’ dates for episode 2 will round out with 11 women, zombies and some paintball! Despite an initial scare, the ladies will be engaging in some fun with “the walking dead” until Chris can rescue them. But in usual “Bachelor” fashion, someone will have a little bit too much fun. The synopsis teases one bachelorette will exhibit “some bizarre antics and jaw-dropping declarations.” Chris won’t be paying too much attention, though -- because he’ll once again be locking lips with Britt, the 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood who won the first impression rose.

The second rose ceremony will leave only 18 women in the running for Chris’ heart. Who will get to continue the journey? And who will be sent packing? Fans of “The Bachelor” will find out when episode 2 of Season 19 is shown on ABC Monday, Jan. 12, at 8 p.m. EST. Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.