The summer is almost over, and that means “Bachelor in Paradise” must come to an end. It’s been a wild season of sexy hookups, emotional breakups and awkward dates, but things are about to get serious. The couples at the house must decide if the relationships they are in are the real deal … or they have to start packing.

Ashley I. and Jared, Part 1

Part 1 of the Season 2 finale kick starts with Jared and Ashley I. heading out for their overnight date. Ashley I. knows that time is running out and wants to take her relationship with Jared to a new level … even though Jared has said on multiple occasions that he wasn't that interested in her. Ashley I.'s vision of taking things to the next level means losing her virginity to him. She explains to the cameras that she’s been waiting for the right guy and thinks that Jared may be it.

When Ashley I. reads host Chris Harrison’s card about staying together in one room, Jared says that he’d love to spend the night with her and “see what happens.” Talk about mixed signals.

Juelia and Mikey

Juelia is absolutely head over heels for Mikey. She trusts him, adores him and is so excited about their relationship. After her nightmare experience with Joe, she truly believes that Mikey is the real deal. What she doesn’t know is that Mikey doesn’t feel the same.

Although Mikey did return to “Bachelor in Paradise” to start a relationship with Juelia, he realizes that they’re more friends than lovers. Now the problem is that he has to tell her that there is something missing in their relationship.

Mikey pulls her aside and comes clean about how he’s feeling. His confession totally catches Juelia off guard, leaving her in tears. She doesn’t argue with him, and instead decides to pack her bags and go home to her daughter.

The Jaclyn Dilemma

Jaclyn still has yet to ask someone out on her date card. After narrowing down the guys that are still not shacked up with another contestant, she decides to make a move on Justin. He accepts … but then Cassandra arrives.

Cassandra confesses that she’s into Justin and asks him out on her date. Even though he already accepted Jaclyn’s date, he decides that he’d prefer to go out with Cassandra because they have more in common being that they’re single parents (and, of course, she’s gorgeous). Jaclyn’s obviously annoyed and doesn’t buy Justin’s excuse about having more in common with Cassandra.

“I didn’t get knocked up when I was 19, sorry!” she tells the cameras.

Justin and Cassandra

Justin and Cassandra head out on their date and the two really seem to hit it off. Besides Justin being super attracted to Cassandra, the two bond over being parents. Although their date fell on one of the last days of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Cassandra admits that she’s been looking for a guy just like Justin.

Ashley I. and Jared, Part 2

Jared and Ashley I. come back from their overnight date and everyone wants to know how it went – or if they had sex. All Jared will say is that the date was “good” and that the room was “awesome.” But viewers later find out that they didn’t do anything physical. In fact, Ashley I. confesses that she spent most of her night just watching Jared sleep.

For Ashley I., the date solidified their relationship. But for Jared, he realized (AGAIN) that they don’t have a romantic connection. He decides to once and for all end things with Ashley I., and of course it’s an emotional mess. She begins to cry and asks him if he wants to go home tomorrow. So, Jared drops another bombshell.

“I think I’m leaving right now actually,” he tells her.

He hops in the car to exit “Bachelor in Paradise,” leaving Ashley I. crying over her “Aladdin.”

Nick and Samantha

Since Jaclyn doesn’t plan on using her date card, Nick makes the bold move of asking for it. He wants to use it to take Samantha out, but the problem is that he has a bit of a nasty history with Jaclyn. “Bachelor” fans who watched “Bachelor Pad 3” will remember that Nick was the one that eliminated Jaclyn and robbed her of the $250,000 grand prize. Jaclyn doesn’t forgive and forget, but tells Nick that she’ll hand over the card if he rolls around in the sand like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Nick agrees and immediately takes off to ask Samantha out. Samantha accepts and she embarks on a romantic dinner date with him. But the other girls in the house don’t think that Nick is “the one” for Sam. After her drama with Joe, Justin and Dan, they see her as a cold-hearted woman who doesn’t know what love is.

The Last Cocktail Party

It’s the last cocktail party in “Paradise” … or is it? Everyone is happy about using the extra time to land a rose, but Chris Harrison drops a bombshell – the cocktail party is canceled. He tells the group that it’s time for them to commit to their relationship. If they don’t see a future with somebody in the house then it’s time for them to pack their things and go. Ashley I. decides that after crying all night and all morning it’s time for her to return home to continue crying about Jared.

The Rose Ceremony

Seven men are handing out the roses during part 1 of the Season 2 finale … but there are 11 women left. So, who stays and who goes? Kirk starts off the rose ceremony and of course gives his to Carly. Tanner follows, giving his rose to Jade. Nick gifts his to Samantha, followed by Joshua to Tenley and Justin to Cassandra. Dan wanted to give Cassandra his rose, but since she’s taken he decides that it’s time for him to go. He thanks Ashley S. for an amazing first couple weeks and tells Amber that he was flattered she came onto the show seeking him.

“I wish the best for all of you but I’m going to remove myself now,” he says before exiting.

The final rose comes down to Mikey, who offers his to Mackenzie. But Mackenzie is not interested. She tells him that while she appreciates him, she just can’t accept it. Mackenzie exits, and Mikey follows shortly after.

All in all, “Bachelor in Paradise” lost 9 cast members by the end of the rose ceremony – Juelia, Ashley I., Dan, Mackenzie, Mikey, Amber, Jaclyn, Ashley S. and Chelsie.

The Kirk and Carly Drama

Part 1 of the Season 2 finale didn’t conclude after the rose ceremony. The five couples survived the night and Chris Harrison revealed that they would all have an opportunity to embark on a romantic one-on-one date followed by an overnight date. The goal of the outing is to see if their love can exist outside of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Everyone seems excited about the opportunity … except for Kirk. He confesses to the guys that he’s uneasy and needs to talk to Carly. Kirk pulls his belle away and she starts to laugh about him “breaking up with her.” But what she doesn’t realize is that he is actually breaking up with her.

He tells her that although he’s had a fantastic past few weeks with her, he’s having a hard time picturing their future. “I think I’m a little behind,” he explains. “Like, I’m afraid I’m a lot behind.”

Needless to say, Carly has an epic meltdown over his confession. She tells him that she needs to leave right then and there, however Kirk wants to continue talking.

“Because I’m having doubts doesn’t discredit anything,” he tries telling her. But she’s not interested in hearing anything else. She says that she feels like she’s going to throw up and that he tricked her. Kirk tries to get her to calm down and hear him out, but she runs away.

Carly runs crying to the other girls, and Jade and Tenley shed some tears with her. She begins to pack her things, but Kirk’s still not done. After telling the guys that it was the worst breakup he’s ever been through, he decides to go back to try and talk with her. But Carly is serious about ending their conversation. Both Carly and Kirk leave crying in separate vehicles.