After three failed attempts at finding love, Nick Viall is off the market for good — or so we hope. In the Season 21 finale of “The Bachelor” he pops the question after one last date with the finalists.

Before their last romp in Finland, Nick’s family gets to spend time with Raven and Vanessa. They ask the hard-hitting questions in the hopes of discovering who’s there for love and who’s got ulterior motives. The Vialls reaffirm their love for Raven and discover that Vanessa is also a contender.

It becomes clear that Raven is confident in her love for Nick, but Vanessa’s uncertain. She doesn’t feel comfortable with “The Bachelor” star dating another woman and isn’t convinced he’s ready for a real relationship. Vanessa looks to members of Nick’s family for answers, but she can’t seem to find what she’s looking for.

From there, she and Nick get one last date together. As they have all season, they spend their time having heavy conversation. Vanessa wants Nick to assure her she’s the one — the only one — and he can’t do that. She’s reduced to tears and heading into the final rose ceremony isn’t certain a proposal is what she wants.

In the midst of their very serious date, there’s one moment of lighthearted fun. Nick brings Vanessa to meet with Santa Claus, who presents them with a special gift. They’re given a plaque that says their names and features symbols of fertility and love.

Nick then meets with Raven for some much needed fun. The pair go ice skating, taking breaks to laugh and kiss. As the date comes to a close, “The Bachelor” presents Raven with a pack of puppies.

Just when it seems like things are going to work out in Raven’s favor, Nick pulls the switcheroo. Raven arrives first at the final rose and professes her love for “The Bachelor,” who can’t even look her in the eyes. He then shatters her heart, telling her he isn’t certain he’s in love with her.

After ending it with Raven, Vanessa enters the same room. Nick speaks first, admitting that he’s been trying to push aside his feelings for her. He then gets down on one knee and asks the one question no one thought he’d ask — “Vanessa Grimaldi, will you marry me?”