Don’t judge a book by it’s cover — that’s the message “Bachelor” villain Corinne Olympios’ will send to viewers during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The Miami native has become one of the most notorious bad girls in the ABC dating competition’s history, but she assures Bachelor Nation they’ll see more of her personality as Season 21 progresses.

Corinne is slated to appear on the talk show on Wednesday to discuss her controversial behavior on “The Bachelor,” her nanny Raquel and more. Previews for the sit down show Corinne explaining that what viewers see on the dating series is very much who she is, though more will come out as the show progresses. Corinne tells host Ellen DeGeneres that she’s not just an strong and unabashedly sexual woman, she’s also a role model, an entrepreneur, and more. She promises that those aspects of her personality will shine in time and joked that she’ll be wearing clothes when it happens.

“That is the real me. It definitely is a real side of me. But there are many other sides to me,” she said (via Us Weekly). “I am an older sister. I run a business. I am an athlete — I work out every day. I have a trainer. I just think you’ll see a lot more of Corinne as the season goes on — clothed.”

Additionally, Corinne answers a burning question a number of “Bachelor” viewers have been harboring since the show began — is she drunk in every scene? The Season 21 villain admits that there is alcohol flowing, but says she knows where to draw the line. She is adamant that she was never “black out or anything like that” during filming.

Although Corinne has promised that “Bachelor” viewers will get a better sense of who she is as the show progresses, thus far only her less redeeming qualities have been spotlighted in Season 21.

During Monday’s episode she kicked things up a notch during a two-on-one date with suitor Nick Viall and nemesis Taylor. Their afternoon together took place deep in the bayou in Louisiana. The trio took a motorboat to a location well off the beaten path where they got their tarot cards read by a voodoo priestess and each girl got a moment alone with Nick. During her solo time, Corinne seized the opportunity to badmouth Taylor, telling Nick she felt bullied and had been called stupid. Nick then spoke with Taylor to get her side of the story before deciding to send her home.

It’s not clear how the rest of that story will play out as it appears Taylor isn’t leaving without a fight. Previews for episode 6 showed her crashing Nick and Corinne’s dinner date after the swamp. She is seen sitting down with Nick, explaining that she couldn’t go home without him hearing her out. Later in the preview remaining cast members can be heard discussing their shock over two girls being sent home following the two-on-one, which has many concerned that Corinne’s time on “The Bachelor” may also be coming to an end.

Tune in to episode 6 of “The Bachelor” on ABC Monday at 8 p.m. EST to find out.