It will be weeks before Colton Underwood reveals his Season 23 winner on “The Bachelor,” but in-the-know fans are already well aware of who the ABC star ends up with.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

According to spoilers, Colton ends the 2019 season by choosing to be with contestant Cassie Randolph. While the two are reportedly not engaged, they did agree to date at the time of the finale. Now, a few months post-filming, are they still together?

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Reality Steve recently gave his fans the scoop on Cassie and Colton’s relationship status, and according to him, they’re very much still an item. “What I do know if they have been seeing each other,” he responded to one fan inquiry regarding how much the two have been secretly visiting each other.

“… Him being in [Los Angeles] a lot and Cassie living in [Huntington Beach, California] makes it logistically easier for them to pull it off more than the average fan thinks,” he added.

While Colton and Cassie are still together, the blogger said he’s unconvinced the two are headed for an engagement anytime soon. At the end of the show, Cassie reportedly quit because she didn’t want to commit to a proposal, something Reality Steve said hasn’t changed for the 23-year-old speech pathologist.

“I have a hard time believing that someone who up and left the show in November because she felt like she wasn’t ready for an engagement will now be ready in March. It’s certainly possible, but I have a hard time seeing it,” he said.

As for the opposite happening, a breakup, the blogger predicted it’s inevitable. “… These two are never getting married. No way,” he said.

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bachelor winner Colton Underwood is reportedly still with his "The Bachelor" winner. He is seen on a date in episode 3 of Season 23. Photo: ABC