Previews for Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” tease major drama ahead of contestant Madison Prewett. And according to show spoilers, the installment may end a cliffhanger that will have viewers wondering if she’ll exit the 2020 competition before the finale.

In Season 24, episode 9 of the ABC series, ahead of Peter Weber’s fantasy suite dates, Madison will pull him aside. According to Reality Steve, she won’t use this time to tell Peter that she’s a virgin, despite previously telling the cameras that she’s saving herself for marriage.

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According to the spoiler blogger's findings, which he shared via Twitter over the weekend, Madison instead tells Peter that it would be “hard” for her to move forward in the process if he were to be intimate with another woman. “Madison responds with, ‘In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum, but actions speak louder than words.’ That's how it's left as they head to Australia,” he reported.

While in Australia for the final dates, Madison is said to receive the last overnight date as part of Peter's final three. During her date, Madison confesses that she’s “saving herself for marriage” and “wouldn't be able to say yes to an engagement” should she learn that Peter slept with fellow finalists Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss.

What follows is reportedly Peter admitting to her that he had “been intimate” with others, which results in Madison excusing herself from their date. Peter eventually follows her and she “cries on his shoulder” as the episode ends. So, does Madison eliminate herself going into Peter’s final two? Here’s what we know…

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In episode 10, as part of the “Women Tell All” special, Reality Steve reports that viewers will see Peter’s final three rose ceremony. And, despite her hesitation, Madison does show up, albeit after Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Peter. After eliminating Victoria, Peter is said to offer a rose to Madison who “reluctantly accepts” it.

As for what the future holds for Madison and Peter, there are rumors that they ultimately end up together, though their status has not been confirmed.

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“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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"The Bachelor" Season 24 stars Madison Prewett and Peter Weber. ABC