“The Bachelor” Matt James is well on his way to finding love but it appears he still has more women to meet. Despite ABC giving him 32 contestants to choose from during his Season 25 opener, he’ll be introduced to five new cast members after the upcoming rose ceremony.

Here's everything we know goes down during episode 2 of the 2021 installment.


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Bri (left) and Sarah will get one-on-one dates with Matt in episode 2 of "The Bachelor" Season 25. ABC
When it comes to Matt’s dates in episode 2, he’ll have two one-on-ones. During a solo outing with Bri, the two will enjoy champagne in a hot tub and roll around in the mud. The synopsis teases the “adventurous” date will upset this season’s villain, Queen Victoria.

Matt also treats Sarah to a “romantic ride aboard a 1930s biplane.” Will their time alone help her feel more secure in their relationship or will she have a hard time “seeing him with other ladies”? The synopsis hints it will be the latter.

As for the weekly group date, Matt will take 18 women out for a very special photoshoot involving wedding gowns. Photos from the outing show Victoria, Mari, Jessenia, MJ, Katie, Khaylah, Serena P., and Kit will among those included. ABC has noted the number of contestants included in the date makes it the biggest group date in the show’s history.

Who Will Be Eliminated?

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Illeana (left) and Sydney are said to be the next "The Bachelor" contestants booted by Matt James. ABC
While Reality Steve has made it clear he’s unable to provide episode-by-episode spoilers this season, he has reported that he believes Illeana and Sydney will be eliminated next.

New Cast Members

It has also been leaked by Reality Steve that the 2021 installment will see the fresh faces welcomed into the remaining cast following episode 2. According to his findings, the women were part of the ABC’s original cast list of 43 women released in October.

So, who are the new women pining for Matt’s heart? Viewers can expect to meet Brittany Galvin, Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Ryan Clator, and Michelle Young after episode 2's rose ceremony.

While it’s unclear how long the five women will remain in the competition, the latter appears to be in it for the long haul. The spoiler blogger reports Michelle is in Matt’s final three.

“The Bachelor” Season 25, episode 2 airs Monday, Jan. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.