Matt James will be majorly slimming down his cast of women during Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor.” ABC has revealed that Season 25, episode 7 will see not one, but two rose ceremonies.

Here’s what fans can expect going into the next episode.

Heather Drama Continues

Bachelor Nation alum Heather Martin shocked the contestants by showing up in episode 6 looking to win over Matt. ABC teases in its synopsis that the Heather “drama” will spill over into episode 7.

A preview for the installment shows Serena C. referring to Heather as a “virus” that’s infecting the house as Heather is shown crying to the cameras that the other girls are being “mean.”

One-On-One Dates

bachelor spoilers 7
Matt and Jessenia will have their first solo date in episode 7 of "The Bachelor." Serena P. is also believed to get a one-on-one date. ABC

With hometowns just weeks away, Matt will be focused on spending quality time with his contestants. The upcoming installment will see two solo dates, ABC has shared.

So far, only one one-on-one date recipient’s identity has been confirmed by the network. Press photos for episode 7 show Jessenia, who is fresh off surviving an impromptu two-on-one, will be treated by Matt to what appears to be a racing date. The trailer also shows the two showing up for a romantic dinner.

The preview also provides brief glimpses of Matt on an ice-skating date with another woman who appears to be Serena P. Follow-up shots show the woman holding a rose while kissing Matt.

Group Date

bachelor 7
Matt James and host Chris Harrison in a scene from an upcoming episode of "The Bachelor." ABC

Little is known about this week's group date, though ABC has released an image of Matt and host Chris Harrison on the outing.

Who Gets Eliminated?

Out of the 10 women left — 11 counting Heather — it appears several members of the cast will be on the chopping block this time around.

ABC warns in its synopsis for episode 7 that Matt will have to “take a serious look” at his potential future with each of his contestants, which results in “more than a few difficult decisions.”

While spoilers are far and few between this season, show blogger Reality Steve reports Heather will soon be getting the boot. He has shared that Matt “sends her home the same day she shows up.” Based on his findings, it appears Heather will be eliminated during the episode’s first rose ceremony.

Without naming names, he shared in a Tuesday blog post that “2 or 3 others” will also be sent home next week.

Catch episode 7 of Matt’s “The Bachelor” season Monday, Feb. 15, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.