sean Lowe catherine Giudice
Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice of "The Bachelor" teased host Chris Harrison that babies may be in the cards for 2016. ABC

Is “The Bachelor” franchise about to welcome a baby? Not quite. Season 17 couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice were in Los Angeles on Monday for the live 2015 premiere of “The Bachelor,” and host Chris Harrison was hitting them with some hard questions – like when are they going to start having kids?!

“We have talked about them,” Catherine admitted to Chris. “Yeah, they’re on our radar. We’re just enjoying each other … And Sean likes to joke we’re practicing.”

But what exactly does having kids “on our radar” mean to the married couple?

“It’s kind of a vague term,” Sean teased viewers. “Maybe 2016 you’ll see a baby pop out.”

Sean Lowe’s Season 17 of “The Bachelor” came down to Catherine Giudice and Lindsay Yenter. Despite having strong feelings for Lindsay, Sean confessed he was in love with Catherine and chose to propose to her in the Mar. 2013 finale. Because of filming, the couple actually got engaged in Nov. 2012. Their fairytale romance continued off-screen until the popular pair returned to ABC to air their wedding to the world in Jan. 2014.

“The Bachelor” couple became known for waiting until marriage to have sex for the first time. Despite being an intimate and private detail, they’ve been open about their decision – and their sex life after the wedding. Sean previously talked to Chris Harrison about the “fireworks” on their wedding night, and Catherine corrected him by saying it was “quick fireworks.”