Clay and Nicole have been an item since the beginning of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 6. Their romance, however, hasn’t been without drama.

Last week’s installment of the ABC series saw Clay’s recent ex-girlfriend Angela join the cast. While Clay made it clear he was still interested in Nicole following Angela’s arrival and Nicole did give Clay her rose on Tuesday’s episode, their future still remains uncertain on the program. So, do Clay and Nicole leave “Paradise” together?

Prior to ABC’s big finale, spoiler blogger Reality Steve has revealed the couple’s fate. In July, he reported that Nicole and Clay do make it to the end of the season together but do not get engaged. According to his findings, the duo decides to go on the overnight dates but Nicole “breaks up” with Clay when he won’t say he’s “in love with her/won’t propose.”

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The blogger shed light on their current status earlier this month, sharing that at the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion special the two revealed they’re still not together. Nicole reportedly told the audience that she is dating “a new man in Miami” and even become friends with Clay’s ex Angela.

“Clay says that he was willing to be boyfriend/girlfriend with her at the end of ‘Paradise,’ but Nicole says she wanted more,” reads the report. “Clay, being an actual realist, says he wasn’t gonna say ‘I love you’ or propose in the 3 weeks that he knew her.”

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Clay and Nicole from "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6. ABC