Nick Viall Bachelor in Paradise
Nick looked at engagement rings in the “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 finale, but didn’t propose. ABC

When fans of the ABC reality series last left off, the four remaining couples — Lace and Grant, Evan and Carly, Jen and Nick, and Josh and Amanda — entered the fantasy suites. Each of them discussed their plans for the future prior, and revealed that they would be interested in continuing to see where things would go once the cameras stopped rolling. But did their feelings change after spending the night together?

Carly and Evan

Carly and Evan wake up stronger than ever. Carly knows that things feel completely different than they did last season on “Bachelor in Paradise” when she was with Kirk, and she’s ready to take that next step with Evan. The single dad obviously feels the same way because he meets with jeweler Neil Lane to pick out an engagement ring.

The two meet in front of the water for the final rose ceremony. “My love for you has only gotten stronger,” he tells her, tearing up. He reveals that he doesn’t want to spend another day without her, and can’t wait for his kids to meet her. Carly expresses similar sentiments, and Evan gets down on one knee to propose.

“Will you freakin’ marry me?” he asks. Carly accepts and the two exchange their final roses.

Lace and Grant

Lace finally said “I love you” to Grant on Monday night after getting matching tattoos — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their relationship is solid. Grant’s beginning to get cold feet. He’s nervous that he didn’t get enough time to have the “little conversations” with Lace before popping the question. He admits that to Lace, who bursts into tears. She’s ready to get engaged and is worried that they won’t make it past “Paradise” if they don’t. While Grant can’t deny that he has strong feelings for her, he’s just not sure if it’s “logical to roll the dice and figure everything out later.”

Lace meets Grant in front of the water for the final rose ceremony and decides to talk first. She tells her beau about all the qualities she loves about him and explains that she’s “done running” because she has finally realized that she loves him. Grant admits that he left their date unsure, and that the past 24 hours have been a “whirlwind of emotions.” However, he continues that he can’t picture life without her and wants to build a future with her.

“I want that to start today,” Grant says. “Will you marry me?” Lace accepts and the two lock lips before exchanging their final roses.

Jen and Nick

Jen is feeling good about her relationship with Nick the morning after their fantasy suite date. She explains to the cameras that she feels closer to Nick than ever and “trusts him.” Jen’s ready to leave “Paradise” holding hands with Nick — but does he feel the same?

He admits that he can see the potential there, and meets with Neil Lane to look at rings. However, he realizes that he needs to really “dig deep” to figure out what the right move is.

Jen meets Nick in front of the water for the final rose ceremony. She reveals to Nick that she felt “instant” and “intense” chemistry with him since day one and understands why his guard has been up. “I’ve fallen in love with you,” she adds.

Nick beings to cry as he breaks things off with Jen. “My biggest fear is that I’m going to regret it,” he tells her. “I feel like you deserve better than me.”
Nick walks her up, but Jen’s not ready to say goodbye. The two embrace one last time before he puts her in the car to the airport. She cries in the car as she tells the cameras that she already misses him.

Amanda and Josh

There is no denying that Josh and Amanda are head over heels for each other. The twist is that their relationship comes with some complications. Josh has been engaged before to “Bachelorette” star Andi Dorfman, and didn’t make it down the aisle. He knows that Amanda has kids, and wants to be mindful of that. Despite having a little uncertainty, he meets with Neil Lane to look at rings.

Amanda and Josh reunite in front of the ocean for the final rose ceremony. Amanda talks first and tells Josh that he has made her the happiest girl in the entire world, and knows that her two young daughters will love him just as much as she does. Josh shares similar thoughts, explaining that what they have is “true love.” He promises to love her two girls as much as he loves her, and breaks out an engagement ring. Amanda accepts and the two exchange their final roses.