There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the events that lead to the halting of production on Season 4 of “Bachelor In Paradise.” Warner Bros. found no evidence that Corinne Olympios was sexually assaulted by DeMario Jackson, but rumors continue to circulate about other hookups that occurred on the set.

Alex Woytkiw, rumored to have had an encounter with Corinne on the “Bachelor In Paradise” set, sat down with ET Online to set the record straight. Speaking with Lauren Zima, he revealed that he had no “intimate moment” with her, despite reports to the contrary. Alex added that he didn’t witness anything happen between Corinne and DeMario, but that it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.

“No one was talking about it any more or less than they were talking about anything else going on. It seemed like something I would’ve expected to happen. People having fun, people getting their drink on, it really didn’t seem over the top to me,” he said. “But at the same time, you look at the incident, and from my experience, going through the process of how Warner Bros. and ABC and the show handled the process was....sitting here now, in retrospect, I really appreciated it.”

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Production on the show has resumed following the conclusion of Warner Bros.’ investigation. Us Weekly reported that Robby Hayes, Raven Gates, Vinny Ventiera and Amanda Stanton were invited to rejoin the cast as filming resumed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was rumored that DeMario also received an invite, though new reports from TMZ suggest he’s through with “Bachelor In Paradise.”

DeMario’s suffered majorly following the news of his alleged misconduct on the Season 4 set. In addition to having lost his job, he’s reportedly been riddled with anxiety. Sources say he’s seeking the help of a psychologist in coping with fears that his name’s been permanently tarnished.

Whether her returns to the show or not, it will go on as planned. “Bachelor In Paradise” will premiere in August, according to ET. Filming will resume once the cast is sorted. Decisions are being made about who among the original Season 4 cast will return to the mansion for another shot at love.

An anonymous source claims the “Bachelor In Paradise” stars have been kept in the dark for the most part. Producers met on Tuesday “to update on what will happen next.” The details of that meeting remain a mystery.

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Robby, who’s thought to have been invited back to appear in Season 4, sat down for a Facebook Live interview with Entertainment Tonight, during which he revealed just how little he and his co-stars knew about what was going on. He confirmed that, at the time, he’d yet to have been formally asked back to “Bachelor In Paradise.” Robby added that they were told early on in the investigation that there was a chance the show may “pick back up,” though nothing was for certain.

“We were kept in the dark, we met with lawyers just like we do every time,” he said. “We were told it could pick back up. There’s a bunch of stuff on the legal side that they have to take care of first and that they are doing it for our safety, for our concern, because the cast is their primary concern.”

“Bachelor In Paradise” is set to air Tuesdays in August on ABC.