The Bachelorette and company have left the cocoon of Charlotte, N.C., for the tropical paradise of Bermuda, but if you were expecting a category 5 hurricane of drama and passion, you'll just have to settle for a sprinkle.

The episode was a bit of a snooze, even when the testosterone levels rose and the contestants argued with each other (an inevitable occurrence in every season of the popular dating franchise). Ultimately, though, it seems as if this season has brought more tears than usual, and they're not coming from the show's star, single mom Emily Maynard.

The town crier in this episode: 25-year-old Nate, who randomly broke down while talking to Maynard about his family, who he loves very much, while they were in a cave during their two-on-one date (the third person was John). Was he perhaps feeling claustrophobic? They were, after all, in a cave and sitting on uncomfortable-looking rocks. Maynard assured him that she thought he was sweet but ended up giving the rose to John. (A note of advice for Maynard's would-be pursuers: She wants a classic tough guy, not a sobfest. See: Tony.)

Now for the more high-profile guys who are left. Maynard likes Doug, but she feels that he's a little too perfect and doesn't like his too-perfect responses, as it reminds her of two-time Bachelor and ex-flame Brad Womack. For example, when she asks Doug what went wrong in a past relationship, he said his ex-girlfriend didn't like that he spent so much time with his son. Maynard's not totally buying it.

I don't want the perfect answer; I want the honest answer, she said.

Later came arguments among the men with Doug and Ryan, who are being branded the evil black sheep by the other guys in the house. Arie admitted to not liking Ryan, while Chris went for the jugular with Doug and verbally confronted him. As for Maynard, she told the show's host, Chris Harrison, that she's still trying to figure out Doug but also that she has noticed how all the arguments in the house have to do with him and Ryan. At least she's heeding the warning signs (you hear that, Ben Flajnik?).

Both guys, though, were safe, while Charlie and Michael ended up getting the boot, tearing up on their way out. Maynard must have seen that coming.

Next up for the bachelorette: London! Bring on the corny attempts at English accents. Oh, and the rain.