Out with the Juan Pablo and in with the new! Fans of the hit ABC series, “The Bachelor,” were glowing on Monday night when the reality show aired its “After the Final Rose” special. No, not because Juan Pablo finally revealed who the lucky winner was, but because Andi Dorfman had officially admitted to being the next Bachelorette for the 2014 season.

“I’m Andi and I am the next ‘Bachelorette,’” Dorfman announced in her introduction video. “This is insane. I’m speechless. It’s so surreal.”

Excited? We are, too! Now the sassy district attorney from Atlanta will get a second chance at finding the “great love” she’s always dreamed of. But the question is: Who will the lucky fella be? Well, if you think you could be him, here’s your chance to apply for a shot at love with Andi. All you have to do is take a few moments out of your day to create a compelling reason why ABC should cast you on the 2014 “Bachelorette.” But, you have to act quickly! The upcoming season will be here before you know it seeing that the series premieres May 19.

Here’s what “Bachelorette” cast hopefuls should do to be qualified for the 2014 season:

There are two ways you can apply; one being a mail in application or by applying online. For the mail in application, you will have to answer a six page-long questionnaire. The casting directors want you to open up and share you past relationships, your ideal mater, your hobbies or interests, and why exactly you want to appear on a reality series to potentially find your future wife. Not everything about the application will be light and airy. In addition to asking what your favorite book is, the questionnaire will also pose inquiries regarding former arrests, involvement with crime and temporary restraining orders.

The online application asks similar questions and requests a photo. But to enhance your chances of becoming a potential cast member on the show, producers also suggest sending in a video of yourself.

“We encourage you to include a video of yourself as well -- tell us why you’d like to be on the show!”

During the 5 to 10 minute DVD, Mini DVD or Mini DV, you should let your personality shine as you try and persuade ABC why you’d be the perfect match for Andi.

Think you know someone who could be the future husband of Andi? Well, you can also submit an application to ABC by nominating a friend or family member. That’s how Sean Lowe was chosen!

According to reports, eligible applications for “The Bachelorette" must be 21 or older to be considering, never been convicted of a felony, a United States citizen or resident alien living in the United States and have a valid passport -- because hey, you can’t be on “The Bachelorette” and not travel to the most romantic places in the world!

“The Bachelorette” will premiere on ABC May 19. Do you think you could be Andi’s “great love”? Let us know in the comment section below if you’ll be applying to the 2014 season of “The Bachelorette.”