As host Chris Harrison put it, “Bachelor” viewers are ready to “shower” Juan Pablo’s season off and move onto the next one – “The Bachelorette.” But who is the lucky lady who will be going on the emotional journey to find love? The big announcement was made during the “After The Final Rose” special, and it’s none other than Andi Dorfman!

“I’m Andi and I am the next ‘Bachelorette,’” Dorfman announced in her introduction video. “This is insane. I’m speechless. It’s so surreal.”

For those unfamiliar with Andi, she’s a 26-year-old assistant district attorney from Atlanta. Andi prosecutes gang-related crimes and loves her job, but she explained to cameras that at the end of the day her job is not her top priority.

As “Bachelor” fans know, Andi came on the series to find her future husband and ultimately found out that Juan Pablo was not the one. Becoming a fan favorite, she ended up making it into the top three before eliminating herself after a “nightmare” overnight date in the fantasy suite. But just because things didn’t work out with Juan Pablo doesn’t mean she’s giving up. She’s ready to take the journey on “The Bachelorette” to find that great love.

“I’m nervous, I’m excited,” she revealed of being named the new “Bachelorette.” “It’s my time to fall in love. This time I’m handing out the roses … I’m ready, I want to do it now. I mean I can be engaged by summer.”

Harrison, “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” host, quizzed Andi first to make sure that she’s aware of what she’s getting into. “You know this is going to on television?” he asked her. And Andi laughed, promising that it won’t be a problem.

As for what would happen if she told someone that she loved them and they responded with “I like you a lot?” The new “Bachelorette” said that she would have no problem in throwing that guy back in and moving onto the next one!

And while Andi is excited about the prospect of finding the love of her life, she also admitted to feeling nervous. “I’m nervous about sending someone home,” she explained, revealing that it’s going to difficult to eliminate great, nice guys.

“Bachelorette” and “Bachelor” fans can watch Andi on her journey when the new season of “The Bachelorette” premieres on ABC on May 19.