Andi Dorfman wasn’t the only one upset over Nick Viall’s “love making” comments in the season finale of “The Bachelorette.” Andi’s former “The Bachelor” co-star, Nikki Ferrell, took to Twitter to express her disappointment over the jaw-dropping moment that occurred in the “After The Final Rose” special.

“Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that,” Nikki tweeted. “How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #trash.”

Nikki, who won Juan Pablo Galavis’s 2014 season of “The Bachelor,” is referring to the awkward situation during the “After The Final Rose” special where eliminated contestant Nick finally got to face Andi for the first time after their breakup. Having reportedly tried to reach out to his ex-girlfriend twice after their split in the Dominican Republic, Nick told host Chris Harrison that he was confused and wanted closure. However when he finally got the chance to talk to her, things quickly turned ugly.

“I’m not sure why you made love to me,” Nick said to the former bachelorette, leaving Andi visibly surprised. Nick didn’t go into detail about the love making, but viewers of “The Bachelorette” speculated that he was referring to their “Fantasy Suite” date in episode 9.

Andi was quick to respond; calling Nick’s remark “below the belt” and something that was private and should have remained private. The eliminated contestant tried to argue that he wasn’t trying to say anything “below the belt,” and proceeded to open up about his feelings on the whole ordeal.

“That’s how you made me feel,” Nick explained. “I didn’t have any expectations of that night. But to me, that night was fiancé type of stuff. That meant so much to me and I told you that. It wasn’t … It meant something. It meant the world to me. I’ve had to play that in my mind over and over.”

Nikki seemed to be insinuating in her Twitter post that Nick was encouraged by the producers to talk openly about his “love making” with Andi during “The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose” special. This wouldn’t be the first time that the former “The Bachelor” contestant expressed her distaste for the show that connected her with her boyfriend, Juan Pablo. Following “The Bachelor” 2014 season finale, Nikki and Juan Pablo refused to open up about their relationship during the “After The Final Rose” special. Juan Pablo had accused the show of making him out to be a bad guy, and said that he felt as if they had been “boxing” with him during the entire filming process. During their interview with Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo told the host that both him and Nikki were “so done with the show.”

Despite the hiccup of drama during Andi Dorfman’s “After The Final Rose,” Nikki made it clear that she was happy for her friend’s engagement to Josh Murray.

“But on a positive note so beyond happy for @AndiDorfman and @jmurbulldog I bet it feels so good to be free!,” she tweeted. “#Congrats.”