Things are getting SERIOUS on “The Bachelorette.” It’s the week before the hometown dates, and Andi and her six remaining men are continuing their journey in Brussels. Unfortunately only four guys can move on, and Andi’s got a difficult decision to make by the end of episode 7.

In usual fashion, Andi’s got two one-on-one dates and one group date to go on. However episode 7 has one major twist – only one rose will be given out on the dates, and it will be during the group date.

With only one rose up for grabs, all the guys are nervous. But Nick is maintaining his cocky attitude. “I 100 percent feel that Andi and I will end up together,” he tells the cameras.

First One-On-One Date

Marcus lands the first one-on-one date with Andi. The pair explores the streets of Brussels, munching on mussels and getting their smooch on. And while it seems like the two share some undeniable chemistry, Andi’s still a little nervous about Marcus’ recent admission that he almost went home. But the bachelor eases her worries when he explains that the only reason he even considered leaving was because he’s “never felt this way so soon.”

Pleased with his answer, Andi questions him about what would happen if she went to his hometown for a date. Marcus explains that she’d go over his sister’s house to meet his mom and the rest of the family. And to further prove how committed he was to their relationship, he opened up about his dad leaving and his troubled relationship with his mom.

For Andi, Marcus’ willingness to speak about his family history makes him a real “man” and the “total package.” And while she can’t hand over a rose, she’s definitely happy with where their date ended.

Marcus’ date might be over … but Nick has plans to steal Andi away for some extra time. When Marcus returns to the hotel room, Nick leaves the room to go to the concierge desk. Pretending to have lost his room key and forgotten the room number, he tricks the hotel clerk into telling him where Andi is staying.

“It’s under my wife’s name,” he tells the clerk. “Andi Dorfman.”

Getting the key, he makes his way to her room. But fortunately he makes the decision to not use it to break in. Instead he wisely decides to knock on the door.

Andi’s surprised by his bold move and is initially worried that something’s wrong. Nick quickly reassures her that everything’s great and asks if she would like to go for a walk with him. And even though Andi feels guilty and knows that it’s “breaking the rules,” she agrees to sneak out with him.

It’s while they’re out on the town that Nick opens up about wanting to marry her. Andi doesn’t reply, but her smile speaks a thousand words and she tells the cameras that they share a lot of passion.

Second One-On-One Date

Josh lands the second one-on-one date of the week, and the guys are upset. The contestant only had his last one-on-one date with Andi a week and a half ago in France. But for Andi, time in between dates is not important. Instead, the bachelorette is more focused on Josh’s lagging emotions.

While the rest of the guys have made their feelings for Andi pretty clear, Josh has been playing it cool. And even though it’s obvious that he has feelings for her, the former pro baseball player is not being open enough for her.

Fortunately Josh managed to ease Andi’s worries when he finally admitted that he’s falling in love with her. Ecstatic to finally hear him say those meaningful words, the duo spent the rest of their date smooching and swaying to the music of the band American Young.

Group Date

Everyone always wants a one-on-one date. But the group date in Belgium is hands down the most important date of the season. With one rose to hand out, Andi’s telling one contestant that without a doubt she wants to meet his family.

Exploring the Belgian countryside, Andi takes the guys to the sacred grounds of a monastery. The area is beautiful, but there is a catch – to be respectful, there is no kissing.

Each guy takes some time with Andi, but the bachelorette has something special set aside for Chris. Pulling him into a barn to do some pottery, Chris and Andy get their “Ghost” on. The farmer is riding high on cloud nine, however, when Andi gets back to the rest of the guys and reveals that the date has one more twist – the one guy who gets the rose will continue the date while the others head back to the hotel.

Despite last-minute attempts to confess their feelings and woo her with hometown date promises, Andi makes her decision … handing the important group date rose to Nick.

The guys are beyond upset about Andi’s decision, and Chris is even disappointed. But Nick can’t wipe the grin off his face.

“I felt like she just told me she loves me,” Nick tells the cameras, explaining that his confidence is at its peak.

Nick and Andi enjoy the rest of their evening while the rest of the guys go back to complain with Marcus and Josh. Marcus believes that Nick is going to be one of the last two contestants and then walk away, telling the rest of the guys that he firmly feels that Nick has other intentions. The others agree that he’s playing some sort of game, but no one can has the courage to confront him … until Brian finally just puts it all on the table.

The guys accuse him of always talking about strategy rather than Andi, but Nick brushes them off. Once again, he lets the other contestants know that he’s there only for Andi, not to be part of some fraternity.

Rose Ceremony

Since Nick already has a rose, Andi only has three more to hand out. The bachelorette gifts the first rose to Josh. Marcus lands the second rose, leaving Chris, Dylan and Brian as the three remaining men. The final rose gets handed to Chris, sending Brian and Dylan packing.

Episode 8 will find Andi heading to hometown dates with Nick, Josh, Marcus and Chris.

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