Who needs to be “The Bachelorette” when love can come knocking on your hotel door? Britt Nilsson was heartbroken when it was revealed that a majority of the Season 11 men voted for Kaitlyn Bristowe. However, episode 2 of the ABC reality show revealed that Britt got her happy ending after all.

For those that missed the two-night premiere, Brady pulled Kaitlyn aside in the middle of the first rose ceremony to confess that his heart wasn’t in it. He had entered “The Bachelorette” to meet Britt, and wanted to see if he still had a chance to pursue a relationship with her outside of the show. Kaitlyn was surprised, but appreciated his honesty. Host Chris Harrison showed up and said that he’d be willing to help Brady reconnect with Britt.

The premiere concluded with Britt crying in her hotel room about the elimination. Meanwhile, Brady was right outside her door hoping for a second chance with her. This week fans finally got to see how things played out.

Britt had called her mom to cry about her missed opportunity. She explained that she had really hit it off with some of the guys, and was heartbroken that she wasn’t getting the chance to meet her future husband. However, Britt’s pity party was cut short when Brady knocked on the door. The 28-year-old Hollywood waitress was surprised to see Brady, a 33-year-old Nashville singer, but quickly let him in. He sweetly told her that after last night he felt like she needed a hug.

The two started talking and completely hit it off. The end of episode 2 of “The Bachelorette” gave another update on the pair a week later. They were inseparable and head over heels for each other. Brady explained to the cameras that Britt was the “sweetest” and “most beautiful person” he had ever met. With his dream girl right in front of him, he asked Britt if she’d be his girl. Britt giddily said yes and happily confessed to the cameras that Brody is her boyfriend.