It’s time to meet the parents! JoJo Fletcher and her remaining four contestants on “The Bachelorette” return to the United States in episode 8 for hometown dates. It’s one of the most important weeks on the ABC reality series, and a lot is on the line.

Chase’s Hometown Date

JoJo travels to Colorado first to meet Chase’s family. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old, so Chase invites his dad over to his house early in the afternoon to meet JoJo. Later, the two head to his mom and step dad’s house to meet the rest of the gang. Chase’s mom can tell how serious he is about JoJo, and loves how “darling” she is. The two even start to cry as Chase reveals that he’s ready for the next chapter in his life — with JoJo by his side.

The goodbye at the end of the night is hard for them, but Chase is confident with their relationship.

Jordan’s Hometown Date

Next up for JoJo is Jordan, who is based out of Chico, California. She meets him at his old High School, where he gives her a tour of his old stomping grounds. It’s there that she not only meets his old coach, but sees how big his brother, pro football player Aaron Rodgers, is in the community.

Later that day, JoJo gets to meet Aaron’s parents and older brother, Luke. She talks to Luke about Aaron and how much Jordan misses him. Luke’s surprised that Jordan confessed that to JoJo, but knows that she must be important to his brother. He tells Jordan that he just wants him to be happy, and that’s something that Jordan appreciates.

While Jordan’s family liked JoJo, “The Bachelorette” star still has her concerns about her relationship with Jordan. He keeps telling her everything that she wants to hear — but so did Ben. Jordan tells the cameras that all he can do is prove to her that he’s in it for the long haul.

Robby’s Hometown Date

Third in line is Robby in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. The two take a tour of the town in a horse and buggy before sitting down to talk over a cocktail. It’s there that JoJo brings up Robby’s ex. She’s still concerned that he ended things with his girlfriend of four years just three months ago. Although Robby has confessed that he’s in love with her, JoJo doesn’t want him to be filling a void with her. He promises her that things are beyond over with his ex — but unfortunately the conversation doesn’t end there.

Later that evening, Robby’s mom pulls him aside to reveal that his ex-girlfriend’s roommate is telling people that he broke up with her to join “The Bachelorette.” Robby’s horrified and knows that he has to tell JoJo. Of course, she doesn’t take it well. She doesn’t get what a roommate would have to gain by spreading that lie and asks Robby to tell her the truth. Robby explains that although they officially broke up three months ago, their relationship truly ended nine months ago. He just “didn’t have the capacity to end it” when he should have. That doesn’t exactly ease JoJo’s worries.

Luke’s Hometown Date

JoJo flies out to Texas for her final hometown date with Luke. While these dates are usually just for a small group of family members, Luke invites a bunch of his friends over for a barbeque. JoJo can see how much love he has for everybody, but it’s also a little overwhelming for her.

The two get some alone time later when Luke plans a romantic evening horseback riding. He brings her to a field with a heart made out of flowers where he finally comes clean about his feelings for her. It’s the first time that he’s said that he has fallen in love with her.

“My heart is out there for you,” he promises. “That’s all of it.”

The Rose Ceremony

The episode 8 rose ceremony is at an airport hanger so that JoJo can jet off to a romantic destination with her top three guys. Each of them are excited about a future with JoJo, but one person is getting sent home.

JoJo’s crying before she can even reveal her decision. However, she knows what she has to do — and that’s say goodbye to Luke.

But before JoJo can reveal her decision, Luke decides to interrupt and pull her aside. He reveals that he’s been thinking about things ever since she left the other night and wants her to know that he’s in love with her.

“I want you to know that,” he tells her.

Is it too little too late? JoJo admits that she’s wanted to hear him say that for some time. And after almost eliminating him, Luke’s confession changes everything. The episode ends with JoJo crying on the runway while trying to figure out who to eliminate.