Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz
Presenters Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz pose for photographers in the photo room at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles June 5, 2011. REUTERS

Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal and Justin Timberlake talked about hot teachers, being teased in school and films on teachers in an interview with YoungHollywood.com. The movie is set for release on June 24 in the US. Cameron Diaz’s role as a raunchy teacher is the talk of the town.

In the latest promotional interview in Young Hollywood.com, the cast took a quiz on actresses who played teachers in films and Justin won the round. Jason Segal of “How I Met Your Mother” fame talked about how he was teased in school after he suddenly shot up to over 6 feet when he was just 12. One of the names he was called was ‘Oaf’.

Cameron Diaz was called ‘skinny bone jones’ and ‘escalator’.

In another interview, Justin and Diaz, who were together for nearly 4 years before splitting, revealed that they both were completely comfortable with each other and had no issues.

Diaz told BBC Radio 1: He's great at making fun of himself, but if you're really a true nerd, you can't really make fun of yourself that way, you have to be aware of it. He's a bad boy. Cameron also added that she was not too academically inclined in school. She finds most of what is taught in school to be impractical in real life.

Cameron is at the moment with Axel Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake is supposed to be seeing Mila Kunis.