Tyson Ritter
Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects brought sexy back in copper/metallic pants. Lisa Eadicicco

Yeah, that Tyson Ritter is a sexy pants, I overheard one All American Reject fan say of the band's lead singer.

The All American Rejects stepped onto the Main Stage for their 4:20 p.m. Saturday set at Bamboozle 2012 in Asbury Park, N.J., swinging immediately into their hit song Dirty Little Secret. The song was the perfect choice to start their set off, as they had the whole crowd singing. After Dirty Little Secret, the band shifted into Swing Swing. Ritter didn't even need to sing the words to the song, as the whole mob of Bamboozlers knew every word.

Every song the band started erupted with squeals from the crowd. Whether the squeals of enthusiasm had to do with lead guitarist Nick Wheeler working the crowd with his charming smile, the copper/metallic Eddie Murphy circa 1980s pants that Tyson Ritter was wearing, or the fact that the band's songs are that catchy, will remain a mystery.

Right after playing Walk Over Me, things started to get a little crazy.

I want to touch you, Ritter yelled into the crowd, and with that the band jumped into hit (and hysterical) song, I Wanna. As the crowd sang along (and some of the ladies in the crowd got a little frisky with their boy toys), Ritter used his camera time to fully demonstrate the lyrics of the song on himself. As he sang the lyrics (putting an extra emphasis on the lyrics I wanna f*** you, you wanna f*** me too), Ritter seductively guided his hands down his ridiculously shiny pants, giving me a new look at the statement a fan made earlier before the set started, Yeah, that Tyson Ritter is a sexy pants. If that wasn't enough to get the crowd to go even wilder than they already were, Ritter got down on his knees in front of Wheeler, making obscene gestures and licking his guitar.

It's during this stint that you can't help but think, This dude is definitely messed up right now.

While their set was fun, things also took a serious turn when Ritter decided to talk about something very important to him, sun safety. Look at all these women looking like lobsters!

You hear that, ladies? Lather up in sun block, because smoke show Tyson Ritter doesn't care for the lovely shade of red.