The smell of weed wafted through the growing crowd as excitement grew for We Came As Romans 6:10 set on the Main Stage.

As stage techs tested the band's equipment, teasing the upcoming We Came As Romans performance, the usual screams of anticipation could be heard. Bodies vibrated as the speakers prepped for the band to take the stage, and before the Bamboozlers could grow any more reckless, the boys came out. Let's do this.

Kyle Pavone's clean vocals were the perfect counter to Dave Stephens crowd pumping screams. The pair ended up braving the swaying crowd as they jumped right in, performing from the heart of the mob.

Hands up New Jersey, they yelled, and the crowd willingly obeyed.

We Came As Romans performed Mis//Understanding and Broken Statues, among many other songs.

Their excitement on stage was contagious, and just like the parting of the Red Sea, the band split the crowd, forming a rowdy group moshing in the center. Formerly a blob of bodies with hands in the air, the result was wild arms and kicking feet.

What followed We Came As Romans, was the farthest thing from their heavy drums, head swinging guitar riffs and wicked vocals.

Mac Miller graced the stage announcing, Yo Bamboozle! What the f*** is good?! While the switch in music style on the Main Stage can be seen as bizarre, the crowd (or more like it the ladies) seemed to be ready for rapper.

Rocking a RIP MCA shirt with the words F*** cancer on the back, Mac Miller managed to have the girls in the front screaming as if he were teen heart-throb Justin Bieber.

The white rapper performed Loitering, as cameras scanned the crowd for blonde's in mid-riff baring tops. Unison screams of we love you! almost overpowered his vocals at times.

Mac Miller also performed Knock Knock, in which the crowd dutifully sang along (da dana dananananananananana).

In between rapping, Mac Miller turned to the usual chants of hell yeah and hands up, with the occasional motha f**** thrown in for good measure.

I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think at one point Mac Miller might have pointed to a young lady in the crowd and shouted out, How you doing good looking?

Mac finished his set to piercing screams and waving arms, but while the weather was getting cooler, the crowd was just starting to heat up.