It was about halfway through Banksy's monthlong art exhibit in New York City, and the mysterious street artist staged what could be his most creative and shocking "installation" yet. Every few days since Oct. 1, as part of the British artist's "Better Out Than In" exhibit, new pieces of unsigned art have been showing up in random spots around the city waiting for people to notice. Whether it is a small stencil or an elaborately staged truck with moving art, Banksy never ceases to surprise and delight.

And on Sunday morning, his work was practically up for grabs, in an art booth in Central Park. In what was arguably the best social experiment since Joshua Bell, a typical vendor stand had small-canvas paintings of what seemed to be imitation of the anonymous street artist's work but were actually Banksy originals -- with his signature on them – which made these $60 paintings nearly priceless. Since Banksy didn’t put his name behind the installation, many people assumed the vendor was selling fakes.

The few lucky people who managed to snag a canvas are now in possession of a truly rare piece of art. It took hours for the stand to make its first sale, and that was only after the customer haggled for a 50 percent discount. By 6 p.m., when the stand closed, it had only made $420. Don’t get too excited: The stand was a one-time deal as a way to show people what they can miss if they don’t pay attention.

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