One of the best aspects of the annual NFL Super Bowl is arguably the commercials -- advertisers pay millions of dollars to get their products and services featured on a night when people throughout the U.S. gather together to watch one of the biggest sports events in the country.

Some of the ads leaked before airing during the Super Bowl on Sunday, such as the commercial that features supermodel Bar Refaeli swapping serious amounts of saliva with so-called nerd “Walter,” played by actor Jesse Heiman.

The model has an apparently full-on make-out session with the freckled nerd, and GoDaddy definitely got what it wanted -- everybody talking about its ad.

Thousands of posts about Refaeli flooded Twitter, although most were more focused on what the model had done, rather than on using GoDaddy to make a “Perfect Match.”

@RealMikeWilbon commented: “I hope for 'Walter's' sake that it did take 65 takes of kissing Bar Refaeli to get it right. Nerds aren't stupid!”

@aishatyler said: "The kid kissing Bar Refaeli in that GoDaddy [ad] must've made a serious deal with the devil. Like souls and firstborns. Beware of falling frogs."

@TheOrangeCone tweeted: “Well, at least we know Bar Refaeli will pretty much do anything for money. #GoDaddyFAIL.”

And @TheJK_Kid wanted to get in contact with the supermodel, writing: "Bar Refaeli you are not that broke! #callme.”

While some people took to the Twitterverse to agree that the 27-year-old model was not broke enough to be doing an ad like that, others claimed they might lose their Super Bowl dinners because of what they had just seen.

@HeidiCF8 shared: "Anyone who didn't lose stomach content over that godaddy commercial with Bar Refaeli is not watching the same Superbowl I am. Gag!"

According to one Twitterer, Refaeli was paid $450,000,000 for the gig -- but that of course has not been verified by any source.

The Israeli beauty previously appeared on NBC's “Today" show to talk about kissing the stereotypical dweeb, “Walter.” (Heiman is arguably one of the luckiest guys in the world.)

Refaeli said Heiman is a “very good kisser.”

She added that the spot was almost like a dream come true for her, saying, "I have a very strange dream that all my friends know about where I go to [a] club, look around, choose the guy most unlikely to be kissed, and kiss him in front of everyone, and give [him] something to remember for the rest of the week."

Check out the ad here in case you missed it: