• Barack Obama was in a relationship with Genevieve Cook shortly before he met Michelle Obama
  • Barack Obama was immature before he met Michelle Obama
  • Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have been married for 17 years

Barack Obama was in a serious relationship shortly before he met Michelle Obama.

In his memoir “Dreams From My Father,” the ex-POTUS recounted what it was like telling his sister, Auma, about a woman named Genevieve Cook.

After meeting Cook in 1983 in New York, the two started dating. In the book “Barack Obama: The Story,” author David Maraniss said that Barack’s relationship with Cook was the deepest relationship he’s had then.

However, when Cook expressed her love for the ex-president of the United States, the dad of two simply replied by saying “thank you” instead of “I love you too.”

Towards the end of their relationship, Barack revealed that he pushed Cook away, and they ended up fighting. In 1984, the two decided to call it quits. Shortly after, Barack met Michelle in Chicago.

During his interview with author David Mendell, Malia and Sasha’s dad said that he was very immature before he met his wife. As such, he struggled to make his relationships last.

But Barack and Michelle just clicked right away. After going on a few dates, the ex-FLOTUS introduced Barack to her family. But Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson, thought that Barack would be gone after just a few dates.

“He was very, very low-key. I loved the way he talked about his family because it was the way we talked about our family. I was thinking: 'Nice guy. Too bad he won't last,” he told Chicago Sun-Times.

But there was no denying the fact that Michelle liked Barack a lot since he was smart but not arrogant. According to Robinson, the ex-POTUS also knew how to handle his sister’s personality.

Meanwhile, Michelle also talked about her relationship with Barack during her interview on “The Tonight Show.” The ex-FLOTUS said that their marriage was not a walk in the park.

In fact, they even went to couple’s therapy. At that time, Michelle thought that she was perfect. But she soon learned that marriages are a two-way street and decided that she had things to work on to improve her relationship with Barack.