Former “The View” co-host and journalist, Barbara Walters’ health is reportedly diminishing.

The 89-year-old may be suffering from advanced dementia that is causing her not to remember her closest friends, including Whoopi Goldberg, Radar Online reported. Her reps have denied the health issues that Walter is facing.

Despite the efforts to isolate Walters, Goldberg made a recent visit that caused a reaction that was out-of-character for her the normally composed news veteran.

“Barbara’s eyes were opened wide, and she was terrified,” a Radar Online source said. “Barbara screamed: ‘Who is she? Get out, get out! Help me! Get out.’

“She wouldn’t stop. No one could calm her down. Whoopi excused herself from the room. She was heartbroken by what she saw,” the source added.

Family and friends are visiting Walters, in hopes that their presence will help to console her.

“The family is hoping the sight of familiar faces brings her some comfort in her final stretch,” the source said. “They have not said anything specific about the end, but many of the meetings have been solemn and teary.

“She’s in a wheelchair at home and spends most of the day looking out of her windows. It’s all very sad.”

Walters was a co-host on the “The View” and also interviewed a slew of celebrities and authoritative figures on “20/20,” “Today Show,” and “ABC Evening News.” She was known for her TV specials.

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters health may be declining as she reportedly is having trouble remembering her closest friends. TV personality Barbara Walters attends the New York Public Library Lunch 2016: A New York State of Mind at The New York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on April 13, 2016 in New York City. Getty Images/Cindy Ord