• Barron Trump's height sparked dating rumors
  • Barron Trump looks gorgeous and classy
  • A conservative writer was lambasted for seemingly crushing on Barron Trump 

Barron Trump recently made a public appearance with Donald Trump and Melania Trump on their way to Mar-a-Lago for a quick weekend getaway.

Immediately after their outing, fans of the 13-year-old couldn’t help but gush over his height. Barron, who is just starting his puberty, is much taller than the POTUS.

On Twitter, a conservative writer for The Federalist, Jesse Kelly, uploaded a video of Barron leaving the White House. But the caption that he used to accompany the clip shocked everyone.

“When exactly did Barron turn into an NBA power forward? That kid is gonna massacre the chicks in high school. ‘I’m 6’10 and my dad is the most powerful man in the world. I’m taking you to prom. And your mother,’” Kelly wrote.

Kelly was lambasted for seemingly crushing on a teenager. And some netizens also urged him to leave Barron alone.

“These people are drooling over a child, which is very normal,” Twitter user @EyesOnTheRight said.

“It is now okay to discuss minor children provided we frame these conversations in the context of slaying puss,” Twitter user @biffyb said.

“It’s not okay to make jokes about Barron unless you’re a Republican…” Twitter user @zachheltzel said.

Meanwhile, some concerned netizens are waiting for Melania Trump to condone Kelly. In the past, the FLOTUS responded to Pamela Karlan’s joke about her teenage son.

“A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering and using a child to do it,” the first lady tweeted.

Shortly after, Karlan issued an apology to the FLOTUS. However, Kelly has not done the same thing.

In related news, some netizens also posted more appropriate comments about Barron after seeing him on Friday. Some of them said that the youngest child of the POTUS looks gorgeous and classy.

Others are also encouraging Barron to run for president in 2032 or 2044.

Barron Trump
Barron Trump joins his father President Donald Trump as he makes remarks before pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey with National Turkey Federation Chairman Carl Wittenburg and his family in the Rose Garden at the White House Nov. 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Getty Images