Jackie Christie
Jackie Christie from "Basketball Wives LA." VH1

"Basketball Wives LA" premieres its second season on VH1 Monday night, and even though Jackie Christie says she wants to move forward from the mistakes she made through the first season with her co-stars, she believes women like Draya, Malaysia, Laura and Gloria are jealous of her accomplishments.

In a sneak peek video posted by VH1, Jackie Christie tells her husband that she misses her daughter, who is no longer living at home. She goes on to say that she's anxious that she doesn't know what her daughter is up to, displaying a controlling side.

"Sometimes I question myself, like, am I a good parent because I'm so protective," Jackie says on "Basketball Wives LA" episode 1.

"This is where you have to be able to release some of the control that you have," says Doug, Jackie's longtime husband.

Christie admits that she wants the other wives to apologize to her before they can be friends again, even though she is the one who involved herself in their business.

"It's very difficult for someone to admit when they're wrong. For me, it's not. I'm willing to apologize, but it's up to them to meet me halfway," she said.

She then divulged to her husband what she believes started the fight. "Maybe they're envious of my accomplishments and what I'm trying to do. With Shannon being gone, I've just been feeling a little emotional."

She also thinks she lives a better life because she is happily married, successful and a mother.

"I don't beg. I believe what I bring to the table to these girls' lives is of much more value than what they bring to mine."

Do you think the girls will ever be friends again?

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