After a drama filled episode of “Basketball Wives” Season 6 with Jackie Christie, Evelyn Lozada shared two posts on Instagram dedicated to her daughter Shaniece Hairston.

On Tuesday, Evelyn took to Instagram to post two videos of herself and her daughter sharing a special moment during an appearance on “The Question Mark.” In the first video, Evelyn is seen crying while asking her daughter, “Why do you love me?”

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Shaniece explains to her mother that she recently told a friend that she would be lost if she didn’t have Evelyn in her life. “I don’t know what I would do without my mom. The simplest things, I don’t even know who I would even call and some people don’t even have that in their lives,” she explained.

“But I know that I can call you for anything and you’re gonna be there, and you’re sincere, and you’re genuine, and I know you would go to the moon and back for me and I would do that for you. And you gave me Leo [Evelyn’s son with Carl Crawford], you gave us Leo, and I would do that for him,” she said.

“I will protect you for the rest of my life,” Evelyn captioned the video.

In the second segment of the video, Evelyn explains why she loves her Shaniece. “First of all we grew up together. Obviously I had you young. I feel like you, early on in my life, gave me purpose. It just really inspired me just to become the best person that I can be,” she explained.

“I feel like if you weren’t around, I don’t know where I would be,” Evelyn added.

Evelyn’s sweet post comes a few hours after the “Basketball Wives” Season 6, episode 11 promo aired which featured Jackie insulting Shaniece. In the promo, the cast can be seen in New York where they are sitting down for a chat.

While in the middle of a conversation with Evelyn, Jackie tells her that she heard Shaniece was a “build a whore.” Evelyn can then be heard telling Jackie not to ever talk about her daughter. From there, Evelyn is seen enraged as she pushes friends and security out of the way and begins to physically attack Jackie.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Jackie explains to Tami Roman that a “build a whore” is when the parent raises their child to be a whore starting from a young age. Even though Tami notes that Jackie should keep what she has heard to herself out of fear she would further upset Evelyn, it’s clear from the promo that Jackie didn’t heed Tami’s warning.

Evelyn’s upcoming outburst comes as an upset to the reality star who has been working on controlling her anger and not engaging in confrontations. In earlier seasons, Evelyn was known to be quite hostile and was famous for her violent outbursts.

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However, since leaving the show, she has attempted to reform her ways. Jackie’s latest insult pulled Evelyn out of her serene routine and brought her back to her days of hostility which may not end well for either of the ladies.

“Basketball Wives” Season 6, episode 11 airs Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.

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On “Basketball Wives” Season 6, episode 11, Jackie Christie insults Evelyn Lozada’s daughter. VH1